If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you will know that I have always struggled with my weight. It is a never ending struggle for me and one that I refuse to give in to. So each year, at around this time, I challenge myself to my very own #FestiveFitNotFat

The Idea Behind The Challenge…

Is to move and be active as much as possible in an attempt to burn off some extra calories. I mean, I know myself, I know I can’t resist Christmas Mince Pies and Christmas Trifle, not to mention the copious amounts of wine spritzers I will consume, so the only way to try and counteract that is to get as active as possible in an attempt to reduce the impact of all the eating, drinking and being merry! 

Will you join me?

I was thrilled when Wellness Warehouse contacted me this week with a special package to help me on my #festivefitnotfat journey… their very own #HappyHealthyHoliday package.

Check this out:

So the challenge….

If you’re keen to join me, let’s motivate and encourage each other. Let’s be accountable to each other. Let’s inspire each other.

All you need do is post on social media, each time you’ve done something to burn off extra calories this festive season and then tag me so we can engage with each other. I was listening to an interview with a physician on the radio last week, she has a special interest in the impact of nutrition on health and her tips for festive eating made so much sense:

  • Intermittent fasting – if you know you’re going to eat a high calorie meal, restrict your calories in the lead up to that meal. 
  • Water – stay hydrated, it helps you body to detox and flush out all the toxins from, in my case, all the wine spritzers!

I’ve already started sharing my #FestiveFitNotFat journey:


I’m trying to involve my kids too because teaching them healthy, active lifestyle is so important to me!

I made a video too!

Check it out, I made a little video about the challenge and about the amazing pack of goodies I got from Wellness Warehouse to help me along the way!

Here’s to #HappyHealthyHolidays

Are you joining me?