Unlike Stikeez, which have wound up being dog chewed, trampled and tossed into the far corners of our toy box, and with little purpose once the collection was complete, the new Pick ‘n Pay Super Animals are Fierce, Fast, Tough, Deadly, Smart, Weird, Sneaky, Showy and definitely Loud – they are the Super Animals, and they just might be about to take South Africa by storm. If you spend R150 at any Pick n Pay you get a pack of four collectible Super Animal cards.

My girls are completely hooked!


And unlike every other campaign of this nature, the

Pick ‘n Pay Super Animals

collection is not just fun and collectible but educational too. 

I also love the fact that there is a charitable element to this campaign too. For every collectors album sold, Pick ‘n Pay will donate R1 to 5 partner environmental organizations, including SANParks, the SPCA, Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre, SANCCOB and the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

My girls have been collecting these cards over the past few week’s, we have the collectors albums, which are available for R20 at your local Pick ‘n Pay as well as the Super Animals Sound Card Reader (R50) and the Super Animals Collector’s Tins R15). Ava keeps all her duplicated cards in the collector’s tin and then she trades them with her friends at school or visits our local Pick ‘n Pay’s swap table.

There are 108 cards to collect and swap in nine categories: Fastest, Toughest, Deadliest, Smartest, Fiercest, Weirdest, Sneakiest, Loudest and Showiest and we’ve managed to start completing some of the collections. Getting the cards is easy too, for ever R150 you spend at Pick ‘n Pay, you will receive a 4 pack of Super Animals cards.

But guys, what makes this campaign the most fun for kids is the App! Which you can download for free from Google Play Store and iTunes. Each of the collectible Super Animals cards can be scanned using the app to bring an AR avatar to life – the avatar can also be tapped to produce the animal’s call as well as browse through some interesting facts about the animal. You can even add scanned images of your cards to a virtual collector’s album via the app and unlock “Achievement” badges for various activations, such as collecting all the animals in a category. 

The Big Five is the most fun, featuring the African Elephant, African Buffalo, African Lion, African Leopard and Black Rhinoceros also have an avatar but when they are scanned through the app, the animal jumps into 3D form and you can snap the Big Five wherever you choose to put the card and share it with your friends. 

Check out these ones that Ava captured:

The Rhino
The African Elephant
The Buffalo

The campaign, which kicked off early in July, will run until 4 September or the animal cards run out, whichever is first. And if this is anything like Stikeez, it could be sooner than that. Look out for the special swap sessions that will be held at Pick n Pay Hypers around the country. Or local Family Supermarket already has a swap station up and it’s surrounded by kids trading cards daily.