I’ve always liked my eyes as one of my favourite features. And while my lashes are fairly long, they are very straight and the tips are very fair, so without makeup, they literally fade away to nothingness on my face without a little help.

Enter The Lash Lift

I’ve tried lash extensions before, and while I loved the look of them, I just found them very high maintenance and the glue irritated my eyes, especially because I wear contact lenses. So when Nude asked me to try out their new treatment, a Lash Lift, I was super excited!

So what does a Lash Lift do?

It’s currently being touted as the secret to longer, darker, fuller lashes all over the internet. Essentially, it’s a perm for your eyelashes followed by a tint. But with most incredible results. 

The procedure

I shared the procedure live on my Instagram stories on Saturday but for those of you who may have missed it, here is the condensed version:

My lashes were first cleaned, even though I was not wearing makeup before the procedure, it’s important to ensure that all the natural oils are cleaned from your lashes first.

After cleaning, protective shields are placed under the eye and your lower lashes are glued down to ensure that you don’t get any trapped and accidentally curled during the procedure.

Protective shields are then placed on the upper lids and your eyelashes are glued to the protective pad using a gentle adhesive.

Then you’re ready for the curling solution to be applied. This is first applied to the roots of the lashes and then after 10 minutes, more is applied to the ends of the lashes. This will lift your eyelashes and curl them upwards.

The neutralising solution is then applied to deactivate the curling solution and this is also left on for a few minutes to set.

Then it’s time for the final touch, which is the tint. I found this much more comfortable than the traditional eyelash tint because the lashes are glued upwards, no tint accidentally leaked into my eyes and there was no discomfort whatsoever.






The entire treatment lasted just over an hour and the results are pretty incredible. I was stunned when I saw how they looked! 

For aftercare, you may not wear makeup, wet your lashes or do exercise that results in excessive sweating for 24 hours after the treatment. The results should last about 8 weeks.



I think my reaction to first seeing my lashes speaks for itself!

And I think the before and after photos really shows how incredible this treatment is. It was not in the least bit burny or stingy, which many of you have asked, it lasts for 8 weeks and it really does open up the eye area and gave me a much more defined lash line.

On Promotion

This is a new treatment at Nude, so they have a special introductory offer. A Lash Lift would normally cost up to R600 a treatment but you can book yours at Nude until the end of April for only R350!

 Also, make sure you’re following Nude on Instagram for some of the best nail Inspo EVER!

Disclaimer – I was given the treatment for free, in exchange for a review, but seriously, I think the images speak for themselves!