Yesterday I did this….



And now my training is done!

I’m so thankful for BronwynneΒ who answered my desperate plea for an LSD running buddy on Saturday evening. I knew yesterday was my last chance to get in a good long run for my memory bank (again, Bronwynne’s experience and brilliance taught me how important that memory bank is so that if/when I hit the wall on race day, I can go in my mind and find the memory of how I’ve done this, I’ve got this, I can do this!) but I hate doing long runs on my own so when I tweeted Bron on Saturday night she immediately agreed to run with me on Sunday. And we had a great run! A nice slow run, just getting distance in, just teaching my mind and my body that I CAN go the distance. And we ran strong. I finished the run on a complete high, totally confident that, unforeseen circumstances aside, I’ve got this race in the bag. It’s mine for the taking! Me, competing against me, showing me… I’ve GOT THIS!



I am so grateful to all the people who have helped me on my Two Oceans journey, the Boskruin Running group, Nicole, my week time running buddy, my husband who has sacrificed some of his running time to allow me to train, my bestie, Elize who agreed to run the race with me and people like Bronwynne, that not only agreed to run with me, but shared great tips and experiences along the way!


This race… this race is all about honoring me. About reminding myself of the incredible journey I’ve been on in the last year. Of where I started a year ago, 118kg’s and unable to walk down the road without losing my breath and getting painful knees. This race, I’ve worked hard. I’ve shown my mental strength and stamina and I’ve trained both my body and my mind. I am ready!


I have NEVER been fitter in my life. I have never been stronger, both physically and mentally. I have worked hard and I’ve developed an incredible base fitness. I am able to run long distances and enjoy it. I am able to run long distances and not experience any pain for stiffness during or afterwards. My body is strong, my mind is stronger.


It is done now.

The Β next week and a half are all about tapering. I have another two group runs scheduled this week, about 8km’s each then from this weekend I’ll down gear further to 5km’s and Tuesday next week will be my last run before we head down to Cape Town.

I cannot being to tell you how excited I am. I already feel like I’ve won. This experience of race prep has been incredible. I’ve learnt so much about myself, my mind, my body.

I’m ready…. let’s do this!