The first of 40 planned Go Health Club’s is scheduled for opening this Friday, 15th May, and it couldn’t be a minute to soon. With winter fast approaching, I’ve been finding it more and more difficult to keep up a proper training schedule during the week. Road running is not for the faint-hearted in winter, and certainly not at 5am, in the pitch dark and on my own. So I’ve had to keep moving my week runs later and later and as a result the time I have to train gets shorter and shorter. Last week, I was only able to leave the house to run at 06h15 am and literally had 40 minutes max to train before needing to be home to ensure everyone was dressed and ready for school.

So you can imagine how excited I am for the Northview Go Health Club opening this Friday. And from the images I’ve been seeing popping up on Go Health’s Instagram account, it’s going to be mighty fine!

Let the games begin #gohealthclubsa #opensoon #goforit #exercise #health #fitness #technology

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In my previous post about Go Health Club’s, I mentioned how the use of technology within the clubs was most exciting for me and judging by the clubs social media feeds, they really are focusing seriously on the use of the latest technology within the club. 

GO Health takes technology and the science of wellness seriously and has partnered with global technology experts, Exerp (leaders in club management systems), Technogym (leaders in fitness equipment) and Gantner (specialists in top-class access technology). What this means is that GO Health have the freedom to create solutions from the ground up. The result is a very slick single-member system so you can get the most out of your time and your fitness goals.

 When you join GO Health, you receive an electronic device, the GO Health Wellness Key and access to the GO Health app, which is a first for South Africa. These tools give you admission to the club, plus they enable you to load your personal exercise program into any machine in the club. You’re also able to use the device to record your outdoor activities. In this way, you can track your overall performance and calories burned, while getting rewarded for efforts in and out of the club. The app syncs all the exercise you do (inside and outside), so you can stay connected to your goals, progress and personal best. Ultimately, it’s there to help you stay motivated.

Other key partners for Go Health Club’s include PUMA who are their official apparel partner and Happy Me Health Bar, also located within the clubs, so there will be easy access to healthy snacks and refreshments post work outs. 

But really what makes Go Health Club’s stand out the most is their commitment to making state of the art training affordable and accessible to more South Africans with their monthly fees being R259, which is a fraction of what you’d pay at any of the other established, branded clubs. 

Roll on Friday, I am hoping to be the 1st client through the doors when the club opens at 5am! I am ready! 

Gym membership sponsored by Go Health