Here’s the back story. I’ve had a niggling, long lasting injury that has prevented me from running regularly over the past 6 months. Plantar Fasciitis, which is pain and inflammation of a thick band of tissue, called the plantar fascia, that runs across the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to your toes. Basically, it’s quite intense pain in the heel of your foot. Initially I thought I’d bruised my heel bone somehow, only, it wasn’t always sore. I’d only really experience that pain after wearing shoes that didn’t support my feet properly (like flip flops, do you know how much I love flip flops?) or if I sat for an extended period, when standing up it was excruciating to put pressure on the hell of my foot. 

After months of rehab, which involved everything from foam rolling and ball rolling, to cortisone, Voltaren, foot strapping and extended rest periods, it finally seems to be on the mend.

But there is one big draw back… in the 6 months of intermittent to no running, not only have I gained 6kg’s but I’ve also broken my habit of regular exercise and coming back from that is proving to be way harder than I ever thought!

I found myself back in that destructive cycle of making excuses as to why I shouldn’t run… you know the usual:

I’m too tired!

It’s too cold!

I overslept!

I’d rather read my book!

I have a busy day!

It’s too dark!

And so on… the usual…. 

Honestly, I’ve found a million excuses not to get back out there. My injury was probably healed enough a month ago already, but… excuses! Oh and a lovely cold a couple of weeks ago that turned into a proper sinus infection.

But that’s all gone now.

Last week, I started setting back out on the road again…. I am not nearly where I was in terms of my running fitness and strength this time last year. So I’ve been taking it slow and steady. Last week I ran short distances, no more than 3km’s… this week I started pushing the distances a little bit and  next week I’ll start focusing on improving my pace again.

On this mornings run I found myself getting that familiar and long MIA runners high. When you run with a smile and it “hurts so good” and you feel energized and exhilarated as your arms and legs pump and your lungs burn and you give everything you’ve got!

I am also being extremely careful with my foot, making sure I wear closed shoes, or at least shoes that support my feet well and the first thing I do when I get home is take off my everyday shoes and slip into my running shoes, because I invested in a pair of inserts specifically designed for Plantar Fasciitis .

The good news is that since I started running again last week, I’ve dropped 3kg’s of the 6kg’s I gained during my forced running sabbatical. I am so scared of going back to being the 118kg unhappy, fat, unhealthy, weak woman. I like this new version of me and I want to keep her.

So I need your help…. in keeping me accountable!

You can follow my running journey on Nike+ and if you’re already using Nike+, please add me as a friend?  I need lots of support and encouragement as I claw my way back, but more importantly, I need to know that (lots of) someone’s are watching me and going to call me out if I stop trying! 

Tomorrow I’m doing a club run… it’s about 6km and I haven’t done one in months. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna die, but I’m so looking forward to getting back out.

See you on the road!