I was recently introduced to the App, Hey Jude. Even after reading all press releases and documentation on the app, I was battling to wrap my head around how this app would work, or how it could improve my life. Then Monday hit and all hell broke loose in our lives and the people behind Hey Jude saved me a ton of time and stress.

What Is Hey Jude?

In a nutshell, Hey Jude is your very own virtual digital assistant. Gathering information, scheduling an appointment, doing research, organizing an event, searching for a product, comparing prices – while all of these tasks can be frustrating they’re definitely tedious and honestly, between juggling my day job, my side hustle, and my kids Covid based e-learning, who has time for any of that? So when these logistical headaches are delegated to someone you trust will get the job done, it instantly frees up your time and ultimately makes you more efficient – at work and life.

The Judes behind Hey Jude are the personality behind the service. Not only do they use the latest technology, customer-rated suppliers, and a global database to get things done faster and smarter than you or I  can do them ourselves, but they also learn from experiences, question to better understand and use creativity to find solutions. They’re very real people, solving very real problems.

My Experience

So I was given a 30 day trial for the Hey Jude app and started playing around with it over the weekend. I really wanted to make it difficult for the app, like really test their ability to find a needle in a haystack so I asked two really difficult questions:

  1. Best online wine deals available locally before the ban is lifted.
  2. Tsonga baskets

I got an acknowledgment to both my requests within minutes confirming they were working on it. Within 12 hours I had a comprehensive list of pricing and suppliers for Tsonga baskets and a couple of wine deals too.

Then on Monday, our very temperamental intercom system stopped working, honestly, it’s probably been broken more than it’s been fixed in the past 6 years and now with everyone at home all the time, it’s a security risk.

I popped onto Hey Jude and asked them to find me a supplier who could come out to my home, provide a quote and long term solution, and fix the damn problem once and for all. By Monday afternoon they’d sourced me, suppliers. By Tuesday they had arranged for the suppliers to come out and provide us with a solution and a quote and by Wednesday our new intercom system had been paid for and installed and that’s without me having to lift a finger.


Hey Jude Subscription Options

Head over to their website or to your app store now, I have a 30-day free trial code for you to use to try the app, simply enter:   *WMNS20*   when signing up.

Thereafter, Hey Jude will cost you R199 per month or you can go for one of the longer subscription options of 6 or 12 months at discounted rates.