I started the #BritaHydration 21 day challenge yesterday. And I’m proud to say that I fall into the category of health conscious or as BRITAâ call is…. water obsessed.

BRITA shooting 03-01-2012
BRITA shooting 03-01-2012

They recently embarked on a survey to uncover the water drinking habits of South African women. What they found didn’t surprise me. I mean, we all know that water is important right? We know the health benefits. We know we should be drinking it, so unsurprisingly, 97% of women surveyed acknowledged the importance of drinking water daily, but only 43% said they felt that they were drinking enough water.

How much water do you drink? Too little could lead to dehydration but too much can be problematic too. Here is a simple rule that Lisa Raleigh, expert nutritionist and wellness coach, what is the rule of thumb in terms of ensuring you’re taking in the right amount of water for your body. And this is what she had to say:

“Although rare and difficult to reach, there is such a thing as water toxicity which is extremely serious due to the dilution of important salts in the body. Dehydration is the far more common and threatening reality that we face. While a general eight glasses of water a day is more than safe and a good ball park figure, a more specific guideline is to consume a minimum of 250ml or one glass for every 10 kilos of your body weight. Your body size is relevant to the amount of water you need each day.”

So using those guidelines, I’m thrilled to say that I do indeed drink enough water for my body daily. I drink in the region of 8 glasses a day and I promise I didn’t even cheat when I worked that out, because my sums don’t include my coffee and dry wine consumption, which are the only other fluids I drink as I no longer consume any sodas or mixed cordials. 

And…. Added bonus, our filtered water fountain at our office sits right behind my desk, see it there in the back ground, so I’m always aware of needing water and always have it readily and easily available:


Other interesting information that I read from the survey was that filtered water was not an automatic choice for all water drinkers but the survey did indicate that one in three survey respondents consumed filtered water regularly. Reasons highlighted were that they believe that filtering water reduces impurities, is more environmentally friendly and that it is a cheaper alternative to bottled water. 

So having read this, do you think you drink enough water? Want to try the 21 day challenge with me? I started yesterday. You can engage with me on Twitter & Instagram and let me know how your challenge is going.

Here are some helpful tips to get you from a “have to” drinker to water “obsessed”!

Tips to increase daily water intake:

  •  Using a water filtration system reduces impurities from your water and improves the taste.
  • Keep a jug of filtered water on your work desk so you don’t have to travel far for your next water fix.
  • Infusing your water with fruits and herbs can add a different taste element – citrus and mint are particularly delicious.
  • Preparation, preparation, preparation! Filter your water overnight and ensure you’re ready to go in the morning.
  • Leave a glass of filtered water by your bed side in case you wake up thirsty during the night, it also helps to curb those mid-night cravings at the same time.
  • Make it a habit to start every day with a glass of water. Before you leave the house so that you’ve already got a head start.
  • Watch out for hydration-zappers like excess salt, caffeine, alcohol and fizzy drinks. These curb your progress.
  • Try carrying around one big bottle that holds your daily water quota. This is an easy, measurable reminder to meet your water requirements.

And here are a few more tips from BRITAâ

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You can get more information from the BRITAâ  Face Book page too!  

So… are you up for the challenge?