Friday at the office and yet another birthday meant another morning standing in the boardroom staring at a table laden with cake & other baked and sugary delicious goodies. Now, those of you who have been following me for a while will know, I don’t eat sugar. I don’t eat baked goods, I avoid carbs at all costs. Because they make me fat. Because a lot of you have followed my very public journey from there to here.


But what a lot of people don’t know, is the battle that I struggle with, almost daily, against my addiction to sugar. I’ve heard so many people who struggle with their weight refer to it as being addicted to food, but it’s not really, it’s addicted to sugar.  So on Friday, I decided that this one time, I would allow myself to eat a small slice of cake.

That was the biggest mistake I could have made. Like a drug addict deciding to have just one hit, I was done for, and fell into a total free for all, sugar feeding frenzy. I could not stop myself. It had little to do with lacking will power and so very much to do with how highly addictive sugar is and just how addicted I am to it. I cannot eat it. I cannot have it because I cannot control myself when I’m faced with it, so intense is my craving for it once I’ve tasted it. I felt embarrassed and ashamed. And worst of all, the sugar feeding frenzy continued on when I got home, where I could stuff myself in the privacy of my own home without having to feel embarrassed and humiliated by it.

Then I watched Carte Blanche and saw this excerpt on Karen Thompson and sugar addition. Which you can watch here: Sugar Addiction It’s worth the watch guys, check it out.

I also related to all the other addicts that were interviewed, their stories were my stories. The shame, the embarrassment, the self loathing, the inability to control myself, the self flagellation. All of it. One big ugly perpetual cycle.

It was fascinating for me because I related so much with what they were saying. It made perfect sense for me.  I am 100% a sugar addict.


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I have come to understand and realize and Friday’s incident was further proof for me, that I simply cannot eat sugar. That includes carbs and all low fat products because in almost 95% of cases, low fat products are sweetened.

Also, I stumbled across this – the 318 names for sugar, check it out, read your labels and know what you’re eating. So often we’re mislead by the food industry to believe products are healthy when in fact they’re loaded with sugar cleverly hidden by different names.

The 318 names of sugar so far project

Of course, I took to Twitter last night to share my experience with Karen Thompson and was surprised by the number of hateful tweets I received. It would seem it’s far easier for people to believe that the obesity epidemic is because we’re becoming less and less able to control ourselves and are just fat slovenly pigs with no will power, than it is for people to believe that there is something inherently addictive in our diets that could be playing a massive part in the obesity epidemic. And personally, I think my before and after photo’s speak volumes. This is not a person that lacks self control, this is a person who was given and following the incorrect dietary advice for years and years.


You can find out more about Karen’s work here –  The SugarFree Revolution.