Do you know what it’s like to struggle with obesity? The shame, the humiliation, the self hatred. Knowing that society looks at you and see’s a person who has no self control? A guts who constantly shovels food in their face like a pig. Β Do you know what its like to live with that? To want to hide away from the world. I do, it’s been my truth for more than a decade.

Yesterday, Gaelyn bravely shared this post, it’s worth the read, to know what goes on inside the mind of an obese person – The Shame Of Obesity – Part 1.Β 

Reading that post, it was like listening to my own internal dialogue. I am not that person any more! But I will never forget that person. I will never forget how much that person hated herself, her body, what little respect she had for herself.

I have loved the support I’ve received on my journey so far, it has meant so much to see others being inspired to open their minds and treat their bodies with the respect and with care and becoming mindful of what and how they eat. So with that in mind, I’m about to get REAL honest. I’m about to share something with you that has been a massive source of shame for me…. I’m scared of being ridiculed further, of humiliating myself further but here goes…

My numbers…..



As of today, I’ve had a huge mental breakthrough…. There was a number in my head that I thought I would never reach again… ever… well as of this morning I broke through that mental barrier and now, more than ever… I know I am going to get there…



I did it! I cannot believe it did it! You can see, I still have a looong way to go… but I am almost half way there and I’m doing it, I’m really really doing it!

This journey has done so much for my self belief! I feel like a freaking SUPER HERO! I can do anything I set my mind to! And you can too!

I was hopeless and now I have hope! I’d given up and relegated myself to the U.F.F. (Ugly Fat Friend) but I’m none of those things any more! And I have never felt better, both about the way I look and my health!

If you’re interested in giving LCHF a go… check out the #fat2fab mini challenge launching 1st June!