How many of you saw this that was making news headlines around the world a couple of week’s ago?

You Can’t Outrun A Bad Diet!

The BBC –

Sky News  ––says-experts.html

Diet Doctor –

For the longest time prior to my banting journey, I also believed in this myth. I believed I was fat, not JUST because of the junk diet I followed, but also because of my lack of physical activity.

I’ve learned a calorie is NOT a calorie. They are not equal, you get good calories and bad calories and when I started banting, I was finally taking in the kind of calories my body could use properly, low carbohydrates and no sugar and it made the world of difference. I lost my first 15kg’s without doing a single stitch of exercise, further proving, to me anyway, that YOU CANNOT OUTRUN A BAD DIET!

I know so many people who exercise hard, consider themselves athletes, my husband being one of them, and yet they gain weight in spite of all their physical activity. This, for me, is yet more proof that a calorie is not a calorie and unless you’re eating a diet rich in REAL food and low in sugar and carbohydrates, you will struggle.

I’ve seen it myself. Our weight loss/banting challenge ended in December. Over the Christmas holidays I gained 6kg’s and that was even with my training and putting in lots of hours on the road training for Two Oceans. And why? Because I slackened off on my diet, because I started allowing myself “treat”foods, foods that were higher in carbohydrates and sugar than I should be eating, foods, rich in poor quality calories.  I was exercising hard, almost daily, so if exercise has any impact on obesity and weight gain, I shouldn’t have gained anything right? So that philosophy has totally fallen flat for me.

January arrived and I went straight back into strict banting and thankfully dropped the Christmas weight quite quickly. BUT, I have noticed one thing… even though I exercise a lot now, 4 to 5 times a week minimum, as soon as I slacken even slightly on my diet, I gain weight, in spite of all the exercise and physical activity.

I feel like I am living proof that I/YOU simply cannot outrun a bad diet.

And I’ll tell you something else, now that I’ve quit smoking and I’m bored almost ALL the time, I’m terrified of getting fat again, terrified! And while I know that exercise is important for the prevention of all other kinds of diseases and of course heart health, I no longer believe it can save me from getting fat again.

Image credit: Fat Kid Goes Paleo