You should all know by now how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hello Kitty?? I literally cannot pass up anything HK branded in the shops, whether it be child related or adult related and I feel nothing but pity for those women out there who think they’re too mature/grown up to wear anything HK, must be awful to lose touch with your inner child! *shem* πŸ™‚
So you can imagine how excited I was when I arrived at work on Friday and heard the news that our HK shipment had FINALLY arrived!!! *Β squeals* Of course my HK fetish is well known amongst myΒ colleaguesΒ so everyone knew not to touch the samples until I’d had a chance look at them, kiss them and hug them!
IΒ immediately begged negotiatedΒ Β the DS carry bag for Ava, I figure she will love using it as a handbag and if she doesn’t, then screw it, I’ll use it as a handbag!
But of course, dear readers, in the words of Barney: Sharing is caring (I’m sure Hello Kitty & Punki taught him that!) so what good would it be me bragging about this divine HK swag if there wasn’t something in it for you to?
Well there is!
One lucky reader will win the full range of HK accessories. Ultimately designed for your little poppet’s Nintendo DS but you know what, all of the items are so gorgeous that the carry case can double up as a cell phone carrier,the travel bag can double up as a little (or big) girls handbag & the screen cleaners and styluses are perfect for your iPad or phone! And Megarom Games have thrown in a Hello Kitty Nintendo DS game for good measure!
HK Birthday Adventures DS
So, if you love HK as much as I do, then let me know the depth and breadth of that love and you could win all HK swag shown above and valued at R1 100!
Winner will be drawn using Random.org and the draw will take place on Friday, 8th June!
Yours in HK Love