I’m not even really sure where to start with this post. Except to say that I’m sharing this here because my blog has always given me a great sense of accountability. Somehow, when I write stuff here, I hold myself more accountable to the words I share.

I Got Fat

There are a million reasons why!

Just less than a year ago, I changed jobs after 12 years and so much of my time, energy and focus has gone into my personal growth and development at work in my newish role.

I’ve been plagued with injury. It started more than a year ago when I battled with Plantar Fasciitis for almost a year. My fitness levels plummeted and the more unfit I became, the harder it was to try and get back into the routine of training.

I got lazy with my meal planning and meal prep. And instead of following low carb, high fat on an 80\20 principle, it went to more of a 40\60 principle. 

Then I fell off a horse and gave myself a hematoma, torn calf muscle, and a back injury. While this has for the most part healed, I’m still having issues with my lower back and spasms in my glute muscle. The hematoma has also left some horrible scarring and deformity on my one calf muscle. 

I just got lazy and stopped holding myself accountable.

But I miss that brave, strong, fit, slim woman and I want her back. I like her. I like how it feels to be her. I like how strong she is. I like how confident she is. I like how she looks. I like how she feels.

And I’ve realized that a lot of the niggly pains and residual injury is because of how weak I’ve allowed my body to become. It’s also because of the weight I’ve allowed myself to gain.

While I’m nowhere near what I was when I first embarked on my journey to a fitter, stronger me at the beginning of 2014, I am also smart enough to realize that it’s a slippery slope and I could wind up back there if I don’t slam on the breaks right now.

The holiday is over

Last week we went on holiday. I overindulged in everything. I never ate a single vegetable, not counting chips, or fruit, excluding the granadilla ice lolly, the entire holiday. But my date with my bathroom scale on Monday morning was just what I needed to wake me up and make me realize I’m in a freefall on that proverbial slippery slope. 

So, the plan

I’m back on strict banting. This eating plan really works for me, I lost 35kg’s the first time around and maintained my weight for 3 years before I ruined it all. I’m also working hard at getting running fit again. While I know for a fact, you can’t outrun a bad diet, it certainly does help! 

I’ve signed up for 2 x 10km races in September, which gives me two months to train up my fitness and I’m committing to running a minimum of 4x per week. I miss it so much. Also, having entered the races gives me a goal to work towards. 

The good news

Is that the results happen fairly quickly. Of the 5kgs I managed to gain just on holiday last week, I’ve lost 2.5kg’s already. 

The last time around, I managed by making myself accountable here on my blog, let’s see if I can have as much success this time around.

I want to me THIS woman again!

Think I can do it?