I met Jenny Nortje at the GO Health club launch party a couple of week’s ago and was fascinated to learn more about how the GO Health classes are designed. There literally is something for everyone. So after chatting with Jenny, she agreed to an interview to tell you all about the amazing classes on offer at GO Health and what makes their classes on offer different to the competition.

Here is what she had to say:

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I work for InFitness and mainly focus on bringing the latest International fitness trends and products to South Africa!!! Group Training and Program design is one of my passions.  There is nothing like being part of a training experience where we sweat and push ourselves to new limits with each and every rep …..together!!

How did you become involved with InFitness & subsequently GoHealth Club?
Scott and Rory go way back!! When I returned home after spending some time in the UK,  I had the pleasure of working with Scott in a different capacity here is Johannesburg and so got involved with InFitness.

What makes the Go Health Club classes unique/different?

We design and train all our trainers in GoHealth specific brand Group Classes. All our instructors are world class and have been carefully selected, trained and matched to each specific program!! All our Programs follow the latest international trends and are designed with a particular goal in mind! These programs are exclusively available to GoHealth member only.

What types of classes are available?
GoFit is a 30min Functional training session developed to increase strength and challenge you physically and mentally. This is great a session if you are short on time or simply looking for a session that will leave you with no regrets!

GoBurn is our 45min total body barbell workout! With medium resistance we focus on building lean muscle whilst busting the flab!! Don’t be fooled gents … This is not a ‘girly’ workout!!!
GoCycle is a 45 min workout that will get your legs and lungs J ready for the summer. Your journey through valleys and hills will challenge your fitness yet leave you energised. If you have never been on a bike I totally recommend giving it a go!!
GoFlow aims at strengthen your core through a range of holistic movements. Balance your inner storm and release some tension with a full body stretch whilst improving flexibility and building core strength.
GoDance is created for those who want to party in daylight burn calories and get their twerk on…. J For the ladies … or the few gents that would like to shake what their mumma gave them J All welcome – we don’t Judge 😉

Are the classes specific to certain fitness levels or are there classes that cater for all fitness types and disciplines?
No…. All our programs are designed with appropriate progressions and regressions to ensure that each member works at their individual fitness level!! Our Classes are designed to cater for all our members and our trainers will be there every step of the way!!!
Which is your favourite class?
GoBurn is my baby! The full body strength workout is great to leave you challenged and stronger after every class!!! Although GoFit and GoCycle follows shortly after!!!

For best results, how often should classes be attended?
Depending on your goal and training routine!! If you are not the ‘train on my own’ type of member make sure you get to a class at least 3 times a week!!
What can Go Health Club members look forward to in terms of classes in the coming months?
Our latest program launched this weekend …. called GoBox!!!

GoBox says it all… Release all your anger through a full body high impact workout where you can punch and kick your virtual enemy to come out of the fight with no legal repercussions!
With Sprint around the corner we will be introducing ‘Wall Workouts’ and express classes for those looking to target specific areas !

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I’ve done a few of the classes myself and loved them, I especially love the GoFit classes done in the functional area, but I am VERY tempted to try out a GoBox class, I think it’d be a ton of fun!

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