Hands, knees, heals and elbows, thrive on this family cream, la-la-la-la-la

If you grew up in the 80’s, you’ll definitely know the jingle to that TV ad! Ingram’s Camphor Cream went hand in hand with purple tinted grannies rocking 80’s perms, with their pearls, cardigans and a cigarette dangling between their lips! 

No? You don’t remember? Let me remind you then…..

Ingram’s is 80 years old.

And unlike the purple tinted grannies of the 80’s, they’ve had a major face lift! To celebrate their 80th birthday, they have launched an entire new range of lotions and creams and I was lucky enough to receive a hamper worth of these products to try!

Don’t worry, the old favorite, Camphor cream is still in the range but now it comes in a lotion and a herbal format too! We’ve been using the new lotion on Ava’s skin as she’s very prone to dry, sensitive skin that is easily irritated.

New Men’s Range

My husband has been putting the men’s range through it’s paced over the last few days. Yes, you read that right, my husband! Over the years and with all my nagging, he has finally started taking better care of his skin! His number one complaint about most skin products is that it’s oily and I think that’s one of the reasons he’s been enjoying the Ingram’s Men’s range, it’s non-greasy and fast absorbing. 

Other New Additions

Moisture Plus is the one I’ve chosen to use on Hannah. While she has beautiful skin, she does have a tendency towards chalkiness and dry patches and this lotion contains three times more Glycerine than any of the other lotions in the Ingram’s range, so it’s deeply moisturizing but still non greasy. 

The two lotions that I’ve been using are the Triple Butter and Tissue Oil

I found the Tissue Oil Lotion to be much heavier than the other lotions in the range and it took a little more work to rub it into my skin. Having said that, it promises to help with stretch marks and scarring, smells amazing and didn’t leave a greasy layer penetrating my skin. 

But my favorite….

It definitely the Triple Butter Lotion. In spite of it’s name, it’s light and non greasy and penetrates my skin well. It also smells incredible and is by far my favorite of the new range, so I’m keeping that one for myself! 


The range is reasonably priced, has been around for 80 years, making it one of South Africa’s most trusted products and all of the product we tried lived up to the promise of being deeply moisturizing and non greasy!

Which is your favorite Ingram’s lotion?

Disclaimer – I was sent the range of products in exchange for a review.