I remember what it was like being a new mom. Especially a new mom, thrust into motherhood so suddenly via adoption. Feeling completely overwhelmed and totally unprepared for parenting a newborn. Back in 2009, we didn’t have apps, like Parent Sense, to help us. We relied on our village in whatever shape that took and books. I had an obsession with parenting books. I felt so out of my depth and clueless so I looked to all the parenting experts for help and guidance and my go-to became Meg Faure.

About Meg Faure

For those of you who don’t know or are new parents reading this, Meg Faure is an occupational therapist and the founder of Parent Sense, the app. She has a passion for supporting parents on their parenting journeys and has worked with thousands of babies over her 25-year career. She is also well known as an infant specialist and parenting expert and has presented talks and lectures internationally and co-authored the best-selling Sense series that includes 8 parenting and infant care titles.

From the list of Meg’s books, I had Baby Sense, Sleep Sense (I remember studying the pages of that book to find the answers to our sleepless nights with a newborn) Feeding Sense, and Weaning Sense! I kept them all close, they gave me a deep sense of comfort every time I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing or what was wrong with my baby!

I also had the privilege of meeting Meg once, back in 2018, when we went head to head in a cook-off at a baby expo, she won, and I lost but I don’t hold a grudge! 🤣

Anyway, it’s all gotten a lot simpler since then, with the development of the Parent Sense app.


About The Parent Sense App

Parent Sense is the easiest way to track your baby’s day. The app intuitively suggests a flexible routine with prompts for when it’s time for the next feed, sleep, or health check-up.

The app offers personalized parenting support where and when you need it! It is the only app you need to parent with confidence.  All the sense found in the app is based on Meg Faure’s best-selling parenting and childcare books.

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