Yes, this is one of my pet peeves. The number of people who complain about having the flu when in fact all they actually have is the common cold!

Have you ever had proper flu?

I have… once in my life… it was just after the 1995 Rugby World Cup. There was a lot of weird strains of flu doing the rounds and people were sick. A friend of mine landed up in the hospital for a few weeks from the flu. I remember I was sitting at the hairdresser having my hair highlighted and I started to feel like I physically couldn’t sit anymore. My body was in agony and I had zero energy. I remember going home, I was still living with my parents at the time, and getting into bed. I was SO weak I couldn’t even lift my arm to hold the glass to sip water. It took almost a month to recover from. 

There are only a handful of times that I’ve been that sick in my life.

The flu, like proper flu. When I got the chickenpox at age 21 and I was convinced I was going to die. The kidney infection I had a few years ago that rendered me useless for a week and of course each time I get bronchitis, although that’s only happened a couple of times in the last few years. But the flu. I mean proper flu, is nothing like the cold so many claim to be the flu.

So what is the difference between a common cold and flu?

A cold is a massive inconvenience. But it’s not the flu. And if you’ve ever had the misfortune of experiencing a proper bout of flu, you will definitely know the difference. 

Summer Colds

Now that we’re in spring, I’ve found myself really struggling with colds and hayfever over the past month. Jozi is bone dry at this time of year. It’s dusty and windy and everything is in bloom which means that I’m never really sure if my bouts of sneezing are brought on by hayfever or a common summer cold. And my girls are battling too, especially Hannah with her allergic rhinitis. 

So what is the difference between a summer and winter cold?

I swear by Linctagon

For everyone in our family. At the first sign of the sniffles, or in my case, sneezing, we start pumping the  EFFERVESCENT because this product also supports the treatment of hayfever and is diabetic friendly. I’ve found that if I treat myself for a full 24 hours with the effervescent tablets, the symptoms disappear. 

The lozenges and lozenge lollies are also a hit in our house for sore throats and irritating coughs. 

Find Out More

You should totally check out the Linctagon blog for more info and tips on fighting colds and flu, especially for our kids.