A while ago, I stumbled across a great post on by Megan Kelly on reverse hair washing and which I’ve found to be hugely effective in managing my own hair.

I have heavily treated hair. It’s currently highlighted, but has been ever color of the rainbow at any given time. I also GHD the hell out of it at least twice a week! So it’s damaged goods people. I also have thick hair, and lots of it too, especially round the back of my head, there is masses of hair there. With the volume of hair and how heavily treated my hair is, I’ve found that it just doesn’t seem to stay clean. My roots get oily very quickly and literally 24 hours after washing and styling, my hair has no volume and hangs lank and limp. I hate it. 

So after what Megan had to say about reverse washing I decided to give it a try. 

Reverse washing is the method in which you use conditioner before shampoo, thereby reversing the usual order that you would wash your hair. The idea is that conditioner coats your hair but doesn’t rinse out very well, so by shampooing your hair afterwards, you will rinse the conditioner from your hair, eliminating any product build-up.

My problem with this method as explained above, is that because my hair is heat treated and highlighted, the ends tend to be dry and distressed and the standard reverse washing left my ends feeling like straw. So I fiddled around with the method and perfected it for my hair.

Here’s how:

  • Wet your hair
  • Give it a quick, light shampoo to remove excess oils and product
  • Rinse
  • Add conditioner, from roots to tip
  • Leave in the conditioner for a few minutes and comb through
  • Rinse
  • Apply shampoo to roots of the hair only, gently lather, making sure to keep as much of the shampoo off the ends of your hair as possible.
  • Rinse

I have found that this method keeps the roots of my hair clean for up to 4 days, while the ends hold the style best and keep lots of volume instead of lying limp and  flat. 

Where previously I was having to wash my hair every day to every second day, I am now down to washing my hair only twice a week! WINNING!

Check my results, this is after two days, still lots of style and volume to my hair. 

Reverse Hair Washing