In a little over a month, I will be 44 years old.
I know right? 


I’m kind of horrified. Seriously, fourty-four—that’s so middle aged. In another 44 years, I’ll probably be dead; or I’ll be raising hell while drinking wine somewhere—the latter I hope.

But in all seriousness, time is marching on. It’s also marching all over my face, but I guess that’s to be expected. Turning 40 was cool—welcome  to the naughty forties and all that. But turning 44—yoh! My husband so kindly reminded me the other day that, in six years’ time, I won’t be able to call myself a mommy blogger; I’ll have to start calling myself a granny blogger.

The odd thing about hitting my mid-forties (gah) is that I have started taking adulting a lot more seriously. Recently, I took the plunge, went through all the screenings and had my life cover dramatically increased. My husband has done the same. I look after my health and focus on living a clean, healthy existence, eating well and exercising regularly. I’ve also gotten really good at ensuring I take time out for me.

Then there are the other parts of adulting in my mid 40s that I take pretty seriously too; as a woman who has never carried a pregnancy to term, given birth or breastfed, I know my risks for various forms of female cancers are far higher, so I get regular check-ups and screenings.

I also get my various health screenings done on a regular basis—you know, blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar levels etc, and let’s not forget regular visits to the dentist because ‘hello receding gum lines’. This really is a thing; it really does start to happen to us sometime in our 40s and, seriously, I am the first to admit, I may be a little vain, but no way I’m walking around with a set of clacking dentures, frightening small children, like my grandparents did. No way.

I’ve also had to start taking better care of my beauty routine, focusing on anti-aging products, treatments and brushes that promise to improve skin elasticity and fight the signs of aging.

And my hands you guys! Do you know when age spots start? At around 40. So now I have to think about sunscreen daily and not just for my face either. I know I should have been doing that a long time ago already, but I always just thought that my day cream had a built-in SPF and I was good to go. Well that’s not good enough anymore.

And then there are the really big adulting type changes I’ve had to make—topping up on medical aid and worrying about my old age. I mean, just like all parents, I don’t want to be a burden to my children one day.

But what happens if I don’t make it to old age? What happens if, God forbid, I die suddenly from an illness or an accident? Will my husband and, more importantly, my children be taken care of? Will they be able to continue on without me, at the very least, in a stable financial environment? I mean, I know they will carry on; I know it will be a terrible blow to them. But I want them to at least be cared for—a guaranteed roof over their heads, education, maybe a car for their 18th birthdays.

And so, as I said, my husband and I have both just had a rather large round of screenings and clearances done and both, like bona fide adults, increased our life insurance, because life is a gift and not a guarantee.