We’re one month into 2015 and I’ve had a pretty good banting month.

First off, I lost 5kg’s this month and have 1kg left to go of the festive feasting weight gain! Yay me! I was feeling really anxious about it as I’m terrified of going back to where I started a year ago and previously, any marginal success I had experienced from dieting was always the precursor to rapid weight gain. I’m feeling fantastic and really loving my body at the moment. I’m also running a lot and have noticed a dramatic change in my legs, the muscles are hard and firm and they’ve trimmed down substantially. Also, over the course of the past year, my legs have started having a shape, other than a tree trunk shape, that is. There are still moments when this body surprises me, when I forget, this is the body I now live in. Just yesterday, while sitting with my feet up and having a pedicure, I was surprised to look down and see the slim legs extended out in front of me, I kept wondering how it was possible that those slim, firm, cellulite free legs were actually mine?!

I also made it onto the cover of January’s Lose It magazine, which features my lchf success story. I know, I’ve received a fair amount of press and attention over the past year, but can I say, I still get a total kick out of seeing my story in print. It reminds me what a big deal it actually is, sometimes I forget how hard it can be, when following the wrong dietary advice, to lose weight.



The highlight of the month was being invited to meet my banting hero, Prof Noakes! Elize and I were invited by Dr Sindi back to Cliff Central to meet the Prof and Karen Thompson as they were being interviewed about the LCHF International Health Summit taking place in Cape Town next month.


Of course, we were total fan girls, making sure our camera’s were fully charged, ensuring we had our copies of Real Meal Revolution for signing and I even took my copy of Lose It mag with me for the Prof to sign!


What a delightful man in person! Really! I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I was not expecting such a humble, slightly shy, soft spoken, warm man. I was blown away by the kind messages of support and encouragement he wrote in my books, by the interest he showed in my story, the questions he asked and the conversations we had. It was all very surreal and very very special to me. I thought I was going to cry in gratitude when I saw him walking towards me but the giant of a man, and really he is WAY taller than I was expecting, simply walked up to me, with a shy smile, and put his arms around me like a Grand Father embracing a child. It was so very special and I am forever indebted to him, for the constant attacks he faces and other Dr’s like him, for standing up and acknowledging that as medical professionals they were wrong and trying to help people just like me.


On the training front, two months to go till my second half marathon, the Two Oceans. I’ve been training a lot the last couple of weeks and I’m feeling confident, albeit scared, for the race ahead. From next weekend I plan to start increasing my distance running to 15km’s on a weekend. Currently I run one 10km per weekend but I need to start increasing it till I get to 18km’s two weeks before the big race when I start tapering training. I’m excited because I already feel better prepared for this race, but I’m also scared because I know how much it can hurt, I know how much any small thing can affect my performance on the day. We’ll be in Cape Town and I find coastal running hard. We’ll be on holiday, so I need to watch my diet and ensure I stick with running fat adapted for the race. It’s Cape Town, who knows what the weather may have in store for us? All of these things could have an impact on my actual performance on the day, regardless of how much I train and prepare.

The FitBit Face Off challenge is also really helping to keep me focused. I am SUPER competitive, always have been, and watching my step counter daily, along with my teams performance is really helping to keep me focused and in the zone.

So January was a great banting month and I’m excited to see what February has in store for me. Onward and upwards, I still have 8kg’s to lose and a race to finish!