Exactly 10 days ago, I told you all about how I had joined the JEFF 1-On-1 Program and what a 10 days it has been. I could never have imagined having such amazing successes so early on. I had my first follow up session with my Coach, Dee, today so I thought I’d share some of my results, wins, and victories so far!

The Horror & The Progress

If you’re followed me for a while, you will know this is not my first rodeo! But I have learned so much about my body and what it is capable of, as well as what works and doesn’t work for me over the years. And one of the things that absolutely works is accountability, that is why I believe so strongly in the JEFF 1-On1 Program.ย  I use my coach and I use you guys to keep me accountable.

So as with my previous rodeo, I will be sharing progress reports and photos right here on my blog, because I am more committed and interested in my own success than I am in my shame over-sharing these horrendous photos with the entire internet. But watch this space, because the next time I break the internet it will be because I’m going to melt the screens of your devices with my hotness! ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t know why I thought I was Chinese, doing this collage right to left, but anyway, the image on the right was taken on day 1 and the image on the left was taken this morning. I can already see a considerable difference in my face (not pictured ๐Ÿ™‚ ) my stomach and my ridiculously…. um…. voluptuous (?) butt!

The Numbers

So 10 days in, I’ve lost a total of 4,3kgs and 6cm all over.

The Musings

I’ve thought a lot about what it means to have mental strength over the past 10 days. I’ve always believed that one of the best qualities I want to not only cultivate in myself but also teach my children is GRIT. The ability to keep going, even when it’s tough. To get smashed down and then get back up again. I’ve had to rely on GRIT so many times in my own life. Just getting through 7 years of infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss took GRIT of mammoth proportions. Losing 30 odd kgs the last time took GRIT. Running half-marathons takes GRIT, lord knows, running my first half marathon, took every grain of GRIT I could muster to push through the pain and cross the finish line. I have GRIT! I have GRIT by the truckload and a NEVER-SAY-DIE-Attitude to go along with it.


Something else I’ve been thinking about so much, what makes a person successful? And there is only one conclusion I can come to, and that is irrespective of what you believe success looks like. Success is GRIT and accountability and no excuses and setting a goal and chasing it. It’s about being afraid of the hard work but doing it anyway. It’s about falling down and getting back up.

I have learned from my own experiences that there are times when we need to stop making excuses for ourselves and harden up and face the challenge square on and straight ahead.

I know that right now, with lockdown and Covid etc life is hard. I know it. Our entire lives have been turned on their heads, our futures are uncertain but I also so strongly believe that this is it. This is life, we may never go back to the way things were before, so I can either spend lockdown being a lion and eating the face off of life, or I can sit on the couch with a bag of chips and make excuses about how I’m being kind to myself.


If you are keen to find out more about the JEFF 1-ON-1 Program then get in touch with my Coach, Dee, you will find here on Instagram – you can message her and if you’re keen to sign up, I have a 10% discount to offer you, just tell her the MF KWEEN sent you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Peace out!