fat2fabI’ve been doing some SM work for a friend of mine that owns Get Slim SAΒ and have really been educated in what is a low carb high fat diet with all the work I’ve been doing in content creation for her SM accounts and website. I’m now even more convinced than ever that lchf is the way to go! Elize has lost in excess of 20kg’s following this eating plan and best of all, she has kept it off and seen remarkable improvements in her cholesterol, insulin and fatty deposits around her liver – she donated an organ last year, so has been closely monitored by a team of specialists over the past couple of years in preparation for the organ harvest.

As part of my I AM challenge for 2014, one of my goals has been I AM HEALTHY and so we started chatting about a weight loss idea for the four of us, Elize, her husband, Walter and I. We decided to set up a kitty and each of us would pay a monthly amount of R200 into the kitty and the winner come 15 December 2014 would get all the money in the kitty, which amounted to R9 600!

I’d just come back from grocery shopping for the week ahead following a lchf eating plan and posted this pic:


And it would seem there are a number of people who want to join the challenge, so after a brainstorm with Elize, we’ve decided to open up the competition to anyone who qualifies, so if you’re keen, here are the rules:

Challenge Rules:

  1. The challenge starts officially on the 15th January 2014, if you’ve not entered by the 15th Jan, you will forfeit entry for 2014.
  2. The challenge closes officially on the 15th December 2014.
  3. Elize Kruger, as the owner of Get Slim SA is the custodian of the challenge & she will input and coordinate all date collected into a Google doc that will be shared with all entrants.
  4. A monthly fee of R200 is required on or before the 1st of each month and by the 15th of Jan for entry (all monies collected go into the kitty for the main prize)
  5. If you no longer wish to participate, you will forfeit any and all monies paid to date & this will remain in the prize kitty.
  6. The winner will be the entrant who has had the highest percentage weight loss, if this is a tie, then the person with the highest BMI percentage weight loss will win.
  7. The winner decision is final and will not be open for negotiation.
  8. As the competition evolves, there may be some minor tweaks but we’ll keep you posted and communicate everything.

Entry Requirements:

  1. On entry, you will be required to email Elize a before photo of yourself, along with a photo of yourself standing on your scale, reflecting your weight and your height plus your goal weight after total weight loss. Elize will calculate your BMI and confirm in email.
  2. On the 1st of each month, you will be required to email ElizeΒ a photo of yourself, standing on your scale, reflecting the scales weight.
  3. You will be required to pay your R200 on or before the 15th January and then on or before the 1st of each month to maintain your entry into the challenge.

If you’re unsure of what to eat, check out Get Slim SA’s website for details of the diet and foods to eat and foods to avoid. Also, have a look at there great product range is you’re battling to find carb free breads, pasta’s etc.

For support along your challenge, be sure to follow Get Slim SA on Twitter and Face BookΒ and add the Get Slim blog to your blog reader!

If you’re keen to enter, please email Elize for banking details and any additional information you may need before the 15th January 2014!

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