Last week, I shared my Big Fat Secret with you all. Part of that was to maintain my authenticity and part of the reason was to start making myself accountable. Well, I’m pleased to report that last week was a week of goal smashing!!!

Plans to action

I set out a bunch of plans in my post last week and I am so proud to say that I actively put all of those plans into action!

  • Get an Apple Watch through Vitality – CHECK
  • Recommit to the 8 Weeks To 5KM ChallengeCHECK
  • Join the gym – CHECK
  • Start Bodify EMSCHECK
  • Get back to Banting – CHECK

Last week, I smashed so many goals, I exercised 6 times, including a Reformer Pilates Class, 4 runs and a Bodify EMS session. But best of all….

I lost 6kg’s!Β 

Fat Fasting!

I decided to do a fat fast from Monday to Thursday last week. So many people have asked about this so here is a little more info:

A fat fast should NEVER be used for long term weight loss. It is only meant to be for a 2-4 day fast to try and disrupt a weight loss plateau that has been going for two weeks or more OR to rapidly get fat adapted after a period of eating high carbs.

All I pretty much ate for the 4 days last week were eggs, salmon/tuna, nuts, avo, bacon, and olives. I also started doing the work to get back into intermittent fasting, so I’ve started stretching the period between supper the night before and lunch the following day. I also cut out all my wine, only having a couple of glasses on the weekend.

I am so pleased with the results. Make sure you check out my latest Instagram post to see a progress picture. But my belly is definitely looking smaller and this is a great start. I’ve worked hard guys, so I am super proud of my results. Especially because it didn’t come without a bit of discomfort. I’ve been tired and battled with headaches for the first few days, thankfully, I managed to push through.


On the downside, I’ve had a million and twenty questions about sharing an eating/meal plan. Guys, keto/banting isn’t an eating plan. it’s a mindset change, followed by a lifestyle change. I’m also not a Dr or a medical professional so I am not prepared to advise anyone.

If you’re looking for a great online resource for following a keto or low carb lifestyle, then check out Diet Doctor.

Alternatively, Merle, from Banting Buddies has been an absolute lifesaver for me, see her details below: