I ran my first race as a registered ASA runner yesterday as part of Team Vitality and…. I nearly died. Guys, I had such a great plan to maintain my fitness this winter and mostly I’m just failing miserably!


I start out each week with great intentions but the thing is…. when my alarm goes off every morning and I need to haul my ass out of bed for gym or running… I just can’t seem to do it. It’s dark! It’s cold! And my lack of physical activity was never more noticeable for me than during yesterday’s run.


I was tired. My legs were freezing cold. I got gatvol and I was so incredibly relieved to cross the finish line in… 1h26! That’s a very slow 10km for me!

I haven’t been doing my weekly neighborhood club runs, mostly just because I’m too lazy, too cold and too tired. The ARV’s aren’t helping either. I’m tired a lot. My legs hurt. I’m nauseous almost all the time and I get headaches. But all of this is just bullshit excuses and now I really regret it. The ARV’s will be finished in less than 2 weeks and I’ll have totally lost my fitness by then!

Last Sunday I did a 10km club run and no lies, it was so cold that it hurt the whole way. My thighs were aching and I really thought I wasn’t going to make the 10km! The golf course we ran past was snow white with frost. My nose ran. My legs pained. My fingers froze. It was hell!



I had such great intentions to do one physical activity throughout the course of winter to maintain my fitness and my weight. Ja…. let’s not even talk about my diet at the moment. Since I quit smoking and it got so cold, mostly all I want to do is eat and not run. I’m freaking out.

How do you maintain your motivation throughout the winter moths to stay fit and healthy even in the dark, freezing cold?

One thing is for sure, I’m going to have to get my A into G if I want to run a half marathon again anytime soon because there is no way in my current condition that I’d be able to finish! I’m in no where near the same shape as what I was when I ran a half Ocean earlier this year.

Roll on Summer….