I’ve always been of the opinion that children are more successful at school when we, as parents, are consistent, supportive and involved in our children’s education. With that in mind, I’ve partnered with Liberty #LibertyBack2School talk about my tips for being involved in my children’s education.

Read my tips, share yours! 

Develop a rapport with your child’s teacher.

I’ve always made use of our schools open door policy. When I’ve had concerns, I’ve approached my children’s teachers to discuss. This has helped in so many areas, for example, discovering that Ava was struggling with her eye sight and Hannah needed speech therapy. 


Our schools offer us both WhatsApp and email access to our children’s teacher and I make use of these facilities. This often gives me insight into my children’s class environment and what’s happening during their school day. Between my husband and I, we also always ensure that at the very least, one of us attends parents evening and orientation sessions. 


We want our children to know that every aspect of their education is important to us. So we attend all the school events, even if only one of us can be there, whether its the school concert, a netball tournament or a softball game, both my husband and I make an effort to be there. We are firm believers that playing makes up a really important part of our children’s learning experience.


We make play as learning a priority in our house. Whether it’s playing board games like Scrabble and Monopoly, to building puzzles together. We always make time to play. Lately, my kids have really been loving playing with these Ella & Ziggy magnetic boards and there are wide variety to choose from. Hannah loves the All About Today board, and with it, she’s learning the dates and months and even spelling of the days of the week.


We end every day with story time before the girls go to bed. Just 10 minutes of reading. Both of them love it, it’s precious time together but more importantly, it has really helped them develop a love of reading. Ava is obviously now reading at school and she reads independently at home too while Hannah is already recognizing words off a page just from time spent reading together. 


We are strict followers of routine in our home. We wouldn’t cope with two kids if we weren’t. But I don’t believe that routine is just to make our lives as parents easier, but also it helps our children too.  Through routine, we always ensure there is enough time to finish homework and that everyone gets enough sleep so they are able to concentrate and function effectively at school the next day.


This is a biggie for me. I never trust anyone to do my child’s homework with her. Obviously, Hannah doesn’t have homework as yet but I am so excited for Ava for her Grade 2 homework. I think in some ways it will be easier than Grade 1 because she is confident with it already. Her Grade 2 teacher has told us we are not to help them with their homework. That they are now competent enough to do it themselves, all we are required to do is ensure that it is done and that it is checked. But this year she will also start writing book reviews and if you follow my blog, you’ll understand why I am so excited about this.

Planning, Preparing, Protecting

Education isn’t cheap and its essential that we have planned to be a more involved. Have you prepared for this from a financial point of view? We have and we guard our children’s education policies so that we an make sure our children’s education journey is protected, even if, God forbid, something were to  happen to one of us. You can find out more about planning, preparing and protecting your child’s education here: http://bit.ly/2D2pN7h

  What are your tips for being involved in your child’s education?