I had a really bad day last week Thursday. Really bad. I’m talking about burst-into-tears-of-frustration kind of bad. We were in the middle of a massive argie bargie with our ex-landlords over our deposit payment and Mom’s UIF Assist had just informed me that they had missed my adoption leave UIF deadline and there’s a rather strong possibility I won’t be able to claim UIF. So you can imagine, my face was blood red, my hands were shaking & I was literally on the verge of tears all day. Then this arrived:

Lindt & Exclusive Books Mothers Day


And it totally made my day! A totally indulgent, gorgeous box of treats, just for me, including chocolates, movie tickets and a book, along with a promise certificate for Walter, Ava & Hannah to sign, giving me a day off (this excites me the most) So that I can make the most of all the indulgent treats and spend a day reading my book, eating chocolates and having some me time, which believe me, last night, while I tried to cook supper, clean a poo bum, wipe juice off the floor, feed the pets, shovel food into uncooperative little mouths, listen to incessant chatter and break up a thousand arguments complete with whining, all in the space of one hour, I desperately felt I needed!

This Mother’s Day, Lindt & Exclusive Books have teamed up to bring Mom’s an escape to an irresistibly smooth me-moment and we all know, we could do with more of those!

Each Exclusive Books store will have a section filled with Mother’s Day must reads to go along with your Lindor chocolate indulgence.



In addition, purchase a 200g Lindor milk or assorted chocolate box, SMS the unique code on-pack to stand the chance to win a book valued at R150 from Exclusive Books. There are over 30,000 books to be won and every fifth pack is a guaranteed win.Β 




So if you’re desperate for a me-moment, keep your eyes peeled for the Lindor packs in store and get entering and don’t forget to head over to your local Exclusive Books store to indulge in a me-moment & browse the great selection of books, I am super excited to get stuck into the book that was sent to me!