Lyre’s Spirit Co, the most awarded non-alcoholic spirit company in the world. Lyre’s is vegan and designed for embracing mindful drinking, best of all, it is now available in South Africa!

 Reason’s To Love Lyre’s

Lyre’s has an extensive range that allows you to replace some of the alcohol in your drink to make a low alcohol Lyre’s or make your classic favorites as a no-alcohol option simply by selecting from the many Lyre’s variants. They have spent years crafting their non-alcoholic spirits, sourcing the finest all-natural essences, extracts and distillates to ensure that their spirits taste just like the classics.

Lyre’s Esspresso Martini

The folks over at Lyre’s sent me their Espresso Martini set so that I try and this is what I made:

It was super easy following their recipe too.



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