Remember at the beginning of the year I spoke about how I wanted to simplify my life with all the STUFF that was in my home? Well, The Smart Toy Club does exactly that but for all your kids toys!

How It Works

The Smart Toy Club is a monthly subscription for children aged 6 months to 5 years. So each month, a bag containing a selection of age-appropriate toys is delivered to you and at the end of four weeks, just when your child is starting to get bored, you send the bag back and receive a new one in its place. This is a great way to reduce clutter in your home and keep your kids interested in the toys they have on hand.

Our Smart Toy Bag

Our bag was couriered to us with an interesting collection of toys for Hannah, who is 5. I should mention that Hannah, being a second child, is slightly more advanced but she still enjoyed playing with all the toys. 

Here’s what we received:

A musical instrument that helps improve hand-eye coordination.  I think Hannah had the most fun with this one and I won’t lie, I was a little relieved when the batteries ran out.

A 3D puzzle set that she had loads of fun with.

An alphabet puzzle.

A book.

The Cost

Each month, you will receive a bag with toys to the value of R700 that are specifically selected by Mom’s who think it will be age appropriate for your child.

You’ll be required to sign up for 3 months, at a cost of R249 if you collect or R299 to courier (Western Cape) and R349 for other areas. After your 3 months are up, you then switch to a monthly subscription which you can cancel at any time.

My Thoughts

I think it’s a great concept, especially for younger kids. I did find that Hannah, who is 5 and on the upper end of The Smart Toy Clubs age group, was a little advanced for some of the toys but that did not stop her from playing with them!  I was also concerned about toys breaking. The Smart Toy Club say that breakages are rare as all the toys are stress tested first, but that if a toy does break, you will be required to pay to replace it. 

I also liked that all of the toys arrived in good condition and were clean, thanks to the stringent cleaning and sterilizing process that The Smart Toy Club uses. 

I also really loved that The Smart Toy Club will purchase any toys from you that they deem suitable, at 50% if their retail value. So if you have toys at home that fit the age category that is no longer used, you could sell them off to My Smart Toy Club too.

Find out more

You can follow The Smart Toy Club on Twitter and on FaceBook to find out more. But if you have littlies within the age group, then it’s definitely worth considering!  

Disclaimer: I was sent a The Smart Toy Club bag for the purposes of this review.