Technology. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. My husband is a systems engineer and I’m a blogger. We are both early adopters and lovers of technology. This has rubbed off on our children and honestly, I’m ok with it. It’s part of the world we live in and I would rather that they learn to use it, embrace it and develop with it than ban it, I can only see long-term negative effects from banning technology for our children. 

The downside…..

It’s not a safe space for innocent children to play. It needs to be carefully controlled and monitored. I want my children to embrace and use technology but I also want peace of mind, knowing they’re doing so safely. Ava, who is just 8, has already had some hair-raising incidents online. She is Youtube obsessed and before she could even read or had the birds and bees talk, she had seen a woman giving natural birth on the internet. She’d innocently been clicking through watch next tabs and been exposed to things she should not have seen. 

Perhaps not all parents are as aware or as tech-savvy as her Dad and I are, but recently she had a sleepover with a friend, who showed her how to bypass the controls on our mini tablet we use as a TV remote, to download games and all kinds of apps. This has resulted in massive screaming matches every day because instead of starting her homework before I get home from work, she is playing on the tablet, downloading and looking at who knows what!

The Solution – Lucidview Enforcer

Over the next year, we will be putting this little device through its paces and I’m inviting one lucky reader to come on this journey with us! 

At home or at school, a LucidView Enforcer™ protects children from exposure to inappropriate online content, malware, and other threats associated with unsupervised or unmanaged internet access.

‘Plug & Play’ for ease of installation and configuration, the LucidView Enforcer™

Combines automated oversight of Internet traffic with the tools necessary to prevent access to undesirable content, services, sources of malware, and other online threats.

Generates activity and vulnerability reports at the network level and by individual device.

Enforces control over potential access to unsuitable Google and YouTube content utilising optional ‘Safe Search’ feature.

By default, blocks access to explicit material and websites offering gambling or pirated content thus delivering clean, safe, Internet to users.

Actively scrutinises newly accessed websites and, where their characteristics render them unsuitable for children or a likely source of other online threats, automatically blocks them from your network.

Ensures that parents and teachers can be confident that Internet use will not, inadvertently or by curiosity, expose their children to unsuitable content and other online risks.

Provides configurability via an online portal for the blocking of specific categories of content while access to individual websites can be controlled within easily maintained blacklists and whitelists.

What do I love about this device? You can set the controls for specific devices. So my husband and I can still continue to have unrestricted access while having restricted and safe access for our children, which even includes time management of devices. The reporting tools also allow for proper supervision when our tech-savvy kids try to bypass any rules and settings we have in place. 

Other features of the Lucidview Enforcer:

– LucidView Enforcer Clean Safe Internet WiFi Router- 20
– Lucidview Enforcer – 20 user license
– Protect your family and business, improve your gaming and more.
– Enforces DNS content filter for those that circumvent it.
– Manage torrents, downloads, risky sites and adult content.
– Non DNS based content blocking
– Google and Youtube safesearch
– See who has accessed inappropriate content

So who wants to trial the Lucidview Enforcer with us?

I have one Lucidview Enforcer router with an annual subscription worth R1500 up for grabs. And if you’re not the lucky winner you can get yours from Takealot now! 

Or win one here:

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  • Competition closes at midnight on Friday, 4th May
  • Open to South African residents only
  • I reserve the right to disqualify invalid and spam entries 

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  Good luck!