If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen my weekly updates about the 8 Weeks To 5KM Challenge.Β  So I thought I’d share more about the challenge here because I’ve had so many questions about the challenge.

About The Challenge

It is an online program so women from all over the world can come together and make a positive change in their Health and Fitness, designed by Pamela, a mom & business owner, also an ultramarathon, triathlon and Iron Man competitor.

What You Get When You Join The Challenge

Aside from fit, you’ll definitely get fit from this challenge. But you will also get a weekly email from Pamela, these have been my lifesavers but I’ll explain why a little later, filled with tips and motivation as well as your running program for the following week. You will also get a free 5-week walking program to get you to the starting point of the running challenge, access to a private Facebook group where you can chat, share, be encouraged and supported as well as encourage and support all the other women around the world participating in the same challenge as you. You will also have email support from Pamela, so if you’re struggling or have any questions, she will get you through. trust me, I have used this function a lot.

Why I Joined The Challenge

I’ve been battling with my running. In fact, I’ve been battling with my health, weight, and fitness since I took a high-speed plunge off a horse more than a year ago. Guys, lesson learned, falling off a horse at speed hurts a lot less when you’re a teenager than when you’re in your mid-forties. I landed up with a torn calf, a strained Achilles tendon and an injured back. I also had a very severe hematoma that hid the extent of my other injuries under a layer of black and blue swelling.Β  More than a year later and my leg has never returned to it’s normal shape or size and I still struggle with tightness in my calf and Achilles tendon.


The long and the short of that story is that even though I tried, my fitness suffered and eventually I was right back at square one, unable to run down the road without losing my breath.

So I Joined The Challenge

Week 1 was easy and I was all arrogant and like…. this is a cake walk, I’ve got this. Then in week 2, I hit the wall and was literally one email away from quitting. I was tired, it hurt, coming back from injury is so damn hard and I just wanted out. Thankfully, one of Pamela’s super motiving emails hit my inbox, reminding me that this was never meant to be easy, but it is going to be worth it and so I pushed ahead.

I’ve just completed week 3 and feeling like a bit of a rockstar. In the past 3 weeks, aside from very tired and sore legs, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my fitness and my stamina. While I am nowhere near what I was, I am now able to run at 5-minute intervals and my distance is creeping up closer and closer to that 5km mark.

Of course last night, my week 4 program hit my inbox and I literally shat myself. The program ramps up a little each week but week 4 is a big one and now I’m kind of terrified of it.

If you want to follow my 8 Weeks To 5KM Challenge, you can check it out here my Health Highlight on my Instagram profile.

Join The Challenge

The cost of the challenge is R275, included in the fee, you will receive the following:

8 Weeks to 5 Km Running Program
Weekly emails with tips and pointers
Email support for questions and assistance
Private Facebook Group for motivation and extra support and guidance
Running Log Sheet to fill in as you go, to see progress.

You can find out everything you need to know about the challenge here and here.

Disclaimer – I signed up for the challenge even though everyone told me I was being ridiculous, as a half marathon runner, I could get myself back without a program. They were wrong. I need the goals, the encouragement, the support. So when I signed up for the challenge, Pamela offered it to me for free in exchange for me sharing my experience on my Instastories.Β