Zoo Lake, and more specifically, Moyo Zoo Lake are famous around the country. It was one of those establishments that I knew about, even before I moved to Jozi years ago. And yet, I’d never been until yesterday. Mostly because I had this preconceived notion that it was more of a posh touristy spot and not idea for kids.

I couldn’t have been more wrong!

We were invited to visit Moyo Zoo Lake to try out their winter holiday promotion, but because we were away, only got to visit yesterday and it was so much more than I could have imagined. It’s absolutely a feast for all your senses! 


The first of my senses to be indulged by our Moyo visit was my sense of sight. Visually, it is beautiful and the kids and I spent ages exploring all the amazing spots, nooks and crannies that the restaurant has to offer! 


We opted for the lunch buffet. Now, usually, I’m not a massive fan of a buffet, I’m not a fan of getting up and down from the table, herding children and eating piles of mass produced, flavourless food. But this was a buffet with a difference. 

From the starters, all the way through to the desserts, it was a feast for our sense of taste and sight. So beautifully laid out and not with your usual buffet fair, there wasn’t a tough side of dry roast beef anywhere in sight. Instead, there was a selection of fish and calamari, various stews, including cows hooves for the more adventurous, beautiful stir fried veggies and sweet potato bakes along with a host of other veggies and salads, peri peri chicken, sosaties and of course, traditional pap and sous. It was divine! 

Ava and I are both obsessed with mussels, so we got stuck right in!

But the piΓ¨ce de rΓ©sistance was the dessert buffet. Oh somebody hold me back! There was bread and butter pudding, do you know how much I love bread and butter pudding? There was Malva pudding, Creme Brulee, there was mini Peppermint Crisp desserts, there was trifle, there was a selection of ice creams, there was literally…… anything and everything to cater for the sweet toothed fiends like me…. and Ava!

And then of course a cheese and biscuit selection for the not to sweet!


There was also a live band playing some African Classics. My girls absolutely loved this and also got a little impromptu dance in.

And even more…

I loved the traditional elements that are included in the entire experience, like the traditional hand washing ceremony before tucking into our starter.

And of course, the Old Brown Sherry!

And the face painting, done by the very charming Sydney, who woks part time to fund his studies in mechanical engineering at Wits. 

Of course, we all wanted the full experience so we all got our faces painted.

Winter Holiday Promotion

If buffet’s really aren’t your thing, they have a great menu selection, including suitable kids fair. Their winter holiday promotion is on until the 24th July, so hurry, kids under 12 eat for free with every adult meal ordered.

I’m also determined to go back before their winter menu ends on the 31st of August. It’s our Wedding Anniversary on the 9th August, so I’m thinking my husband must definitely take me back for this! 

Thank you for a fantastic afternoon Moyo Zoo Lake! We had a wonderful time. The staff were fantastic, the ambience was relaxing, the kids were thoroughly entertained, the food was delish and we just loved every minute of it there!

Have you taken your kids to Moyo Zoo Lake yet? How was your experience?