I made my first attempt at running on the 21st April this year. Prior to that, I have never been much of a runner, in fact this was one of my favourite jokes shared on Face Book:


Now, 4 months later, I’ve increased my average pace from that of a sloth at 9’55’/KM during my first run to a fast tortoise averaging 7’51″/KM during this mornings run and I’ve clocked up a total of 228.7km’s of pavement pounding. I know for athlete’s this may look like a bit of a joke, but for me, having Β lived a practically sedentary lifestyle for more than a decade, it’s really something to be celebrated.

The amazing thing is how strong running has made me, both physically and mentally. When I first started running, my muscles were so weak that I couldn’t hold my head up and had to run looking down at my feet, do you know how many times I got slapped in the face by an overhanging thorn tree branch because I couldn’t look up to see where I was going? Now I can run with my head up and look in front of me, so much easier for dodging obstacles.

I’m also able to stretch properly now, I could hardly stretch before, my muscles were tight and short from disuse, now I have no problem doing quad and hamstring stretches which were near impossible for me just a couple of months ago.

I’m also running my first 10KM race in two weeks time and I’m very excited about that.

Running has done something amazing for me, aside from the physical changes, like drastically trimmed down thigh’s and calves, it’s also been amazing for my frame of mind. It puts me in a good mood and sets the whole tone of my day.

An integral part of my running is music. I have to run to music, preferably loud, angry, rock music like this:

So, if there are any runners/rockers reading this, please make suggestions in the comments for additional songs I can include into my running play list!