We moved into our house 4 years ago and to be honest, from even before we moved in, I did not love our bedroom. The carpets were disgusting (I hate carpets) our bedroom is RIDICULOUSLY big and, because we’re parents and you know you can’t have nice things when you’re a parent, our bedroom was just old and dated and looking really shabby. It had stopped feeling like the sanctuary I needed it to be.

Builders To The Rescue

One of the best parts of this project was getting rid of the disgusting carpet in our bedroom. I did not know that if you buy laminate flooring from Builders, for a small fee, they install the floor for you and trash your old disgusting carpet for you. I may actually have cried tears of joy the day their team arrived to rip out our revolting carpet. 

The entire colour palette for our bedroom was chosen based on our flooring. After going to Builders to check out their amazing flooring selection, I literally walked in, spotted the flooring I wanted and nothing was going to deter me from my choice! I wanted very light, textured, extra wide floorboards. And I fell in love with these the minute I laid eyes on them:

There was just one problem….. 

Our bedroom furniture looked very orange against our new extra light flooring and so, in spite of my husband’s reservations, we decided to paint our bedroom suite. And the results were so amazing, that we decided to paint our bedroom cupboards too and before we knew it, we were literally painting ALL THE THINGS! Literally, every surface in our bedroom got painted.

My Bedroom….. my sanctuary…

I really wanted my bedroom to be a cool, calm, sanctuary.  A place to rest, a place to feel peace. A place that would soothe and calm me. So after choosing the floors, I wanted to go with shades of pale green and duck egg blue. And even though I had an absolute panic over the blueness of the walls, I must say, the overall results blew me away and my bedroom now has the exact effect on me that I wanted. When I’m in there, I can’t help feeling soothed, calm and relaxed. 

The Dresser Makeover…

It was only after we had moved into our house that we realized, we didn’t have enough cupboard space and so we landed up with Ava’s dresser in our bedroom for extra storage. It also doubles up as my “dressing” table. It’s where I do my hair. The dresser was mine as a child, so it’s more than 40 years old. The chipboard was split, it was chipped and looked like crap. But guys, Fired Earth’s Furniture and Cabinet paint is the greatest paint I’ve ever used. It’s R250 for a litre, but a litre covers 8 square meters. So a little goes a long way. It contains primer and sealant, so aside from doing a rough sanding, just to rough up the surface, you don’t need to do any special preparation work or finishing. I still actually can’t get over what a difference just painting my dresser made. I also went with some vintage style handles in German Silver from Builders Warehouse and then, of course, decided to carry that theme through by replacing our cupboard door handles with German Silver handles and also a German Silver full-length mirror. I am so in love with how it all looks together.

I’m also crazy about these succulent pillows I got at Builders, if you follow me on social media, you’ll know I’m crazy about succulents and obviously, these fitted in perfectly with my colour scheme. 

It’s so beautiful you guys! When I compare my bedroom now, to how it was before, I can’t believe it’s the same room and it was all so much easier than I thought it would be!

I mean, come on……. there is just no comparison:

Are you motived to give your bedroom an overhaul now too?

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Happy DIY’ing!