Show me yours and I’ll show you mine! 

The purpose of this post is twofold! To check out what everyone else is hoping Santa will spoil them with this Christmas and to give my husband some clues as to what I’m hoping to discover under the tree on Christmas morning! BONUS all my gift wishlist items can be bought online… *cough cough* husband, this is a clue for you!

My husband and I have been together for 17 years and married for 15 of those years. So a lot of what we have is getting old and looking shabby. This year alone, we’ve had to replace our dishwasher and fridge/freezer. So no surprises, but a lot of whats on my wishlist pertains to household goods. 

Not terribly exciting, but so necessary!

First up….

Yes, it’s a bread bin but let me explain….

Our bread bin broke recently. It was one of those old style ceramic ones that was a wedding gift to my first, ex husband. If you watched my LG NeoChef review video, you may have spotted my sad, broken, ceramic bread bin with a dishcloth as a lid. 

A bread bin, I know it doesn’t seem terribly exciting but it’s just not the kind of thing that I ever prioritize to spend money on and so we’ve been limping along with our broken one for about 3 months now.

I really LOVE this Bamboo Bin from @Home


A toaster. I know…. so practical and not at all frivolous but the toaster we are currently using, my mom bought for me, way back in 1996 when I got divorced and moved into my own apartment. I was 26 years old. I’m 45 now.

Do the math and it’s not hard to figure out that we have one very tired toaster in our house. It only toasts one side of the bread these days.

I’d love a new one! And this one from Boardmans would really be perfect for us as a family of four.



We’ve been through about 3 kettles this year. All those pretty glass ones. But so impractical as we appear to be a household of klutzes and once again we’ve managed to break our glass kettle for the third time this year.

I really love this vintage styled black and copper kettle from @Home and best of all, it’s not made of glass, so hopefully it will last a little longer! 

I’m really starting to feel that our current glass kettle is a health hazard and it just has to go!



A new knife set.

The one we currently have is a wood mounted one that is so old and stained. My husband bought it for me when we first got married. It is SO tired!

Some of the knives have broken handles and the wood mounting block is just gross. 

I really love this updated one from from Boardmans! 










Murphy’s Law…. my stick blender also died a sad and sudden death this year, along with a bunch of missing parts.

Now, for anyone who follows a LCHF lifestyle, you’ll know a stick blender is essential to everyday cooking. I miss Cauli-Mash because my stick blender died.

I love this Russel Hobbs one from Clicks . With all the additional attachments, it’s so versatile and would be an amazing addition to my kitchen arsenal.



Frivolous things…

This Cloud9 Waving Wand because I’m having so much fun with my hair and would love to make bigger curls and waves! 

My current curling wand is just a cheapie and it has a very narrow wand, I’d be so keen to try out this one, with it’s much wider wand!









I really love this MUD Gift Set from The Beautiful Store

I am such a lover of make up and this just looks like a lovely surprise to receive under the Christmas tree!






Lastly…. old faithful….

Because I go through about two bottles of Angel a year. I’d love to have my bottle refilled. 

This is my signature fragrance and it has been since it launched in South Africa, way back in the mid 1990’s. I’ve been a fan all these years and cannot live without my fragrance of choice. 

My bottle is once again empty and is just begging to be refilled at the nearest Angel fountain!




Have you been naught or nice?

What are you hoping to find under your Christmas tree this year?