There is someone else struggling with obesity in our family……


My boyfriend, my snuggle buddy, Dexter, affectionately known as Winkey Boy (aside from Walter, he’s the only one with a penis in our family of 7). He’s other nickname is Vaatjie – which translated means Little Barrel, because he’s a fattie! Dexter and Miley are both Chihuahua’s. They both eat a diet of quality vet based dog foods and snacks and treats are limited. Yet Dexter is a fattie and Miley is a Skinny-ma-links. I’m convinced that he is living proof that there is such a thing as a fat gene!

So when Hill’s contacted me and invited Dexter to participate in the Pet Slimmer’s Program, I jumped at the opportunity! Of course, this meant that Dexter had to go for a weigh in and assessment at our local vet and I was horrified and feeling really guilty with his results. He weighs 4.6kg’s you guys! And he’s 84% overweight! The poor little guy needs to lose 2.1kg’s in order to get to his goal weight of a healthy Chihuahua weight of 2.5kgs! Poor guy, he’s literally a walking barrel of fat! And of course, you’ll know from previous blog posts I’ve done about obesity, all the health concerns I have for him!

So he officially started on his Metabolic Weight SolutionΒ on Saturday.

Bag & tin Canine

He’s scheduled to have a weigh in on Thursday, 25th June and will have weekly weigh in’s thereafter! According to the Pet Slimmer, he will take 45 weeks to reach his goal weight and should lose on average 0.05kg’s per week.


He even has fat rolls around his shoulders!

You can follow Dexter’s #petslimmer journey on Instagram and I’ll be blogging and sharing his progress from time to time. In addition, Hills have given me two prizes to give to you, all you need do is follow the entry prompts below and you could win one of these two Pet Food Storage bins, the larger one holds up to 12kg’s of pet food and is valued at R500, the smaller one is valued at R250 and holds up to 5kg’s of pet food. We’re using these at home and they’re fabulous for safely and conveniently storing pet food and keeping them free of ants and fresh!

Hill's Foodie Bins - 2015

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With love from my Fat Boy to you!


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