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You may or may not know this little bit of useless information about me, but I am a beauty therapist by training and worked in the beauty industry for almost a decade. During that time, I practiced as a therapist, I was also a lecturer at a private college and I worked for a couple of the big cosmetic companies, before becoming disillusioned by the industry and making a total career change.

I’m probably going to get drawn and quartered for saying this…. but…. the one thing I learned during my years in the industry is that good quality beauty products DO NOT need to cost an entire months salary, that the more reasonably priced, quality products work just as well as the exorbitant ones! And just as well as I am the type of woman who uses her cosmetics lavishly. I like to slather myself in creams and oils, I don’t like using my products sparingly, so you can understand why I’d rather spend R200 on a face cream when I use it up in a month, rather than a R1000 on a cream!

But a few months ago, I discovered what has to be one of my all time favorites beauty products, I simply CANNOT go without this product. I have a combination skin, oily T-Panel and normal on the cheek area so during the day, I like to wear a light, oil controlling day cream so that I don’t look like an oil slick when I’m wearing my foundation, but at night… Oh at night, I like to rub my face full of rich anti aging products. I’ve been following this regiment since I was about 35 and so far so good, I’m not looking too wrinkly or too bad for somebody who’s just a couple of weeks shy of my 41st (Gah!) birthday!

My all time favorite night time product is Tranquil Body Treats Baobab and Rosewood Anti-Aging Oil!


Baobab Oil is a very effective moisturizer and is made from the seeds of the baobab tree. This phenomenal oil contains Omega 9 Fatty Acids, which contribute towards maintaining healthy skin. The oil absorbs quickly into the skin leaving the skin feeling well nourished, smooth and soft. Baobab Oil encourages the regeneration of cells while improving the elasticity of the skin.

Rosewood Oil is extracted from the wood of the Rosewood tree which originates from  Brazil, this oil has excellent cell stimulant and tissue regeneration properties  It rejuvenates the skin and keeps it healthy and young.

Our anti-age  oil can be used with a galvanic machine to speed up results. You can alternate your anti-age cream and your anti-wrinkle cream at night. If you have very dry skin you can combine the two. First use the oil, allow it to seep into the skin and then apply the cream.

I don’t have very dry skin, but this oil is beautiful, it smells AMAZING and is quickly absorbed into my skin so I apply it every evening after washing and toning my skin, and after I’ve applied the oil, I wait a couple of minutes and then apply a layer of anti aging night cream on top and go to bed with a glowing, soft skin.

Of course added bonus for me, as a bit of a bunny hugger, is that Tranquil Body Treats are eco-friendly, cruelty free and the packaging is biodegradable. Not to mention that they are also reasonably priced and quality products, all of which make Tranquil Body Treats my products of choice.

When I told Leigh-Ann, the creator of Tranquil Body Treats, about how much I loved the Baobab & Rosewood oil, she generously offered to give away not one but TWO anti aging Tranquil Body Treats hampers to readers of this here blog.  The hampers are valued at R400 each and include the following:

So follow the steps below to maximize your chance of winning these must have products!

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