If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you will know that Ava’s hair is often featured. She has the thickest hair I’ve ever seen and so finding a hairbrush that can manage all her hair is impossible. I have spent a small fortune on hairbrushes for her hair, imported Italian boar hairbrushes, fancy brand name brushes, wet brushes, Denman brushes, round brushes, paddle brushes,Β  I literally have thousands of rands worth of brushes, so to be honest, when we received the Mycro Keratin Moyoko Smoothing & Detangling Brush, I didn’t hold out much hope of being impressed.

Introducing the Mycro Keratin Moyoko Smoothing & Detangling Brush

The brush is ultra light and made from soft touch material. It has a rounded shape to fit the shape of your head and makes brushing more efficient. It also increases the softness of hair and reduces frizz because the pins of the brush are infused with Aragan oil. It can also be used in wet or dry hair and for styling as the brush is heat resistant.

So what did we think?

BESTΒ  EVER! Guys, how did I only discover this brush now?? It’s literally the ONLY brush that is capable of managing Ava’s mass of hair. It detangles her hair perfectly without any screaming or performing and amazingly, it can go through her hair at once, we don’t need to section her hair off in order to brush the bottom and top layers. I loved how light it is, makes managing the brush while blowdrying so much easier.

Read more about the Moyoko brush here.


We’re into our third month post Ava’s MycroKeratin treatment and honestly, between the treatment and the homecare products and now this amazing brush, her hair has NEVER been in better condition, it has stopped matting and dreadlocking and the frizz is far more manageable. We are currently using Mycro Keratin Keraxir Smoothing Shampoo and ConditionerΒ and the Mycro Keratin Extreme Capsule Repair And Hydrating Masque

The brush is available online directly from Mycro Keratin or Takealot and for R190 it’s worth every cent!

Have you used any of the Mycro Keratin products? Which was your favorite?

We were gifted the brushes and Extreme Capsule Repair & Hydrating Masque in exchange for this review.