Yesterday was my one year running anniversary! One year ago, just a couple of months into my #fatgirlslim journey, I decided to go for a walk/jog/shuffle never imagining how much that decision would change my life or that less than a year later, I’d be running half marathons!

On my Instagram account yesterday, I alluded to the fact that there was something exciting in the pipelines, a new challenge to take on, that would help further my goals for my #fatgirlslim journey!

And here is the key to my next challenge…..

The Key

I’ve been invited by Go HealthΒ to participate in the Go Health Blogger Campaign! And it’s an amazing opportunity!

I met with the team at the health club pre-sales office on Wednesday last week to get my Wellness Key set up, which gives me access to a years free membership, as well as some amazing spoils from the other sponsors in the campaign, including Puma who have sponsored some gym kit for me and a gym bag, things I really need seen as I don’t think I’ve set foot in a gym in about… oh… 8 years!

Welcome pack


FitBit South Africa who have sponsored my FitBit Charge.


And the reason why this is an integral part of the package is that Go Health have their very own app, which links workout accounts including:

  • FitBit
  • Garmin
  • mapymyfitness
  • myfitnesspal
  • Polar
  • RunKeeper
  • Strava
  • Swimtag
  • Withings
  • Face Book
  • Google+

Oh and let’s not forget Happy Me, as each Go Health club will have it’s very own Happy Me branch!


Those of you who have been following my #fatgirlslim journey will know how much I LOVE technology and how I like to track my progress and my workouts on ALL THE THINGS… so you’ll know how much Go Health’s forward thinking in terms of their in house app and use of technology has really excited me. I’ve been playing around with the app for the last few days, tracking my training (because the linked account means it doesn’t only track my training at the club, but also my outdoor runs too), the app also helps me track my weight loss and my participation in the clubs challenges!

Go Health App

The first club is opening at Northview shopping centre on the 15th May and they have amazing opening specials, so if you live in the area and are keen to join me on this new leg of my journey, check it out here:

Opening Offer

You can also follow them on Face Book for more information.

So I hope you will follow me on the next leg of my #fatgirlslim journey…. Over the coming months, I’ll be blogging about my experience and progress at Go Health club, my goals are to try and lose another 5kg’s, maintain my half marathon conditioning throughout the winter months and I’d really love to increase my core strength and firm up my arms as they’re rather loose and flabby after my 34kg weight loss.

And best of all, there will be something in it for you too, a years membership to Go Health is up for grabs, I’m just waiting to finalize the mechanics of the competition with the Go Health team and I’ll share the mechanics of the competition as soon as possible.

Let’s go… Let’s Go Health!

Sponsored by Go Health Club