Yesterday, I mentioned how my earliest memories of the dawn of the technology era included my little Nintendo hand-held – Turtle Bridge and Donkey Kong. This was WAAAAY back in the 80’s, at a time when kids didn’t really have technology based toys. TV games were just becoming a thing and we will still obsessed with buying the latest Pop Shop cassette for our Walkman!. Well technology and gaming specifically have come a long way since then!

The Nintendo Switch is like NOTHING like what we had as kids!

On Friday, I was invited to the pre-launch event for this nifty console and boy was it a ton of fun!

What makes the Nintendo Switch So Unique & Appealing?

It’s all in the switch and play! You can transform your gaming experience effortlessly from big screen TV to computer to handheld in seconds! Gone are the days where you have to spend precious minutes screaming at your kids to turn the game off so they can leave the house Now, they simply remove the Switch from the docking station and hey-presto, the gaming experience becomes portable! 

I also love that it has parental controls so you can control your kids game time. 

Game Play Flexibility with the Joy-Con’s

Depending on the game you’re playing, you can either use the Joy-Con’s as a controller in each hand, or give the second Joy-Con to a friend for multi player game play. You can also us the Joy-Con Grip to convert the Joy-Con’s into a more traditional type controller, like this:

The Games?

There will be a number of titles available when the Switch launches on the 3rd March. Some old favorites include Super Mario Karts & Legend of Zelda. Then Nintendo 1-2-Switch which includes 3 mini games I think my kids would love. The Quick Draw, which is like a wild west showdown, Milk, which as an adult I found utterly rude & hysterical to play but kids in the innocence will really just think they’re milking cows and Ball Count where the Joy-Cons will blow you away with the HD rumbleβ€”advanced vibration features which really gives you the real sensation of balls rolling in a box in your hands that you have to weight and guess. 

Some of the other games include Just Dance which is a laugh a minute, not to mention, a work out of note, Ultra Street Fight 2, Splatoon, which is possibly the most fun game I’ve ever played and Arms which is reminiscent of old style fighting games, combining the original Wii controllers. 

The Price?

It ain’t cheap you guys. But then again, it is in the same ball park as you’ll be paying for all the other consoles available on the market, so I guess it comes down to the type of game play you’re looking for. It will launch at R5 600 but you can pre-order yours with Takealot for R5 199.

As a parent and casual gamer, I’m sold. I think it’s a great concept, especially for kids. I love the portability of the console and I think you will too.