I personally believe that facial oils are the most underrated products for your skin. 

Too many people falsely believe that facial oils will make their skins oilier. This couldn’t be further from the truth, even if you have a naturally oily skin. Too many products strip our skins of their natural oils, which results in dehydration, which can lead to overproduction of sebaceous oil. Without sufficient hydration, excess oil can create clogged pores and eventually breakouts. So you actually want to replenish you skins natural oils and oil based products are also fantastic if you have a naturally dry skin. 

I’ve used a lot of facial oils over the years, particularly now that I’m older, natural oil products contain great anti-ageing and replenishing ingredients to help with dehydration, restore balance and fight the signs of ageing. 

These are my current three favourites:

Bionike Huile Serum R3 Defense

I’ve actually written about this product before. It smells fantastic, has a triple action anti-ageing effect, is light and penetrates the skin beautifully, I used mine both morning and night, mixed into my day cream for day wear and under my night cream at night. It’s the lightest of my three favourite facial oils and I’d highly recommend it for anyone with anti-ageing concerns. You can buy all your Bionike products from Dischem. The Bionike Defence Exilage Huile Serum is R645. You can buy it online here.

Skin Creamery’s Facial Hydrating Oil

About a month or so ago, I splashed out on the entire Skin Creamery range after reading all the rave reviews online from other bloggers and honestly, this range has lived up to all the raving reviews. Certified Organic and Hypoallergenic, it’s also 100% cruelty free.

The Facial Hydrating oil smells so amazing that when I apply it, I often stand with my palms cupped over my face inhaling it’s incredible, clean scent. It penetrates perfectly into my skin and I baobab, jojoba and Kalahari melon seed oils for dewy, radiant skin.

The Skin Creamer’s Facial Hydrating Oil can be purchased online directly from Skin Creamery for R295 here. Or you can sign up for The Beautiful Store and purchase it there with your first R50 Beauty Star Rewards. 

Philosophia Botanica Royal Africa Face Oil

I bought the Philosphia Botanica Royal Africa Face Oil as part of my review purchase from The Beautiful Store

Of the three oils I’ve reviewed, this one is definitely the richest. But amazingly, it penetrates to beautifully that it leaves no residue behind. I’ve been using it both morning (under my day cream before foundation) and at night and it’s fantastic.  This perfect potion is rich in African natural plant extracts and is formulated to plump, hydrate & reduce the signs of ageing. It also has an incredible smell which originates from the key ingredients, being Organic Rose Otto, Barbary Fig Oil, Fair-Trade Baobab Seed Oil.

You can buy your Philosophie Botanica Royal Africa Face Oil from The Beautiful Store for R540 and make use of the Beauty Star Rewards. 

Do you use facial oils? If you do, I’d love to hear which ones are your favourites, and if you don’t, really, especially now in the winter months, it’s something you need to consider.

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