It’s become abundantly clear that marketing and PR companies are sitting up and taking notice of the pull of the mommy blogger. Β The term mommy blogger is already a contentious one but that’s not the point of my post today. But being a blogger that writes reviews also seems to create some rather unkind commentary from other blog peers.

I wanted to find out from you dear reader, what you enjoy most about product reviews. You see, my blog has been slowly growing over the last few months and with that I’m getting contacted more and more often to write product reviews on various products. Now this is something I have thought long and hard about becauseΒ ultimately, my integrity is at stake here. Having said that, I will not ever write a review for a product that I have not personally tried myself and I won’t write reviews for products that don’t fit with the general ethos of my blog. I have turned down opportunities to write reviews, when I don’t believe in the product or when I believe there is no benefit to the reader either. For eg: I didn’t write a review for a debt collecting company who asked me to write for them. I have also tried products that I did not like and rather that write a review for these products, I have let the product owner know why I don’t want to write a review and given them feedback on my personal experience. As I said, product reviews are about my integrity.

But I have always believed that when writing about a review, there should be something in it for the reader too. I’ve noticed that the review posts that are not linked with a win/give away, are barely even taken notice of. I mean, from my own experience, I don’t read reviews unless there’s a hook for me too.

But given some of the negative sentiment floating around the blogosphere regarding product reviews and bloggers who are contacted to write reviews & link it to give away’s, I wanted to ask you what your personal preference is?

Please take this quick poll and also leave your thought’s and suggestions in the comments section below: