Earlier this year, I went on a search for the perfect doll for Hannah as a birthday gift for her. She is doll crazy and I wanted a high quality doll that would look a bit like her and not one that would perpetuate the idea that being blonde and blue eyed is the ideal. I found exactly what I was looking for at my local Toy Zone in the form of an Our Generation Doll names Maeva

Our Generation Dolls
Hannah & Maeva

Hannah has loved this doll and surprisingly, Ava has wanted one of her own! So when Our Generation Dolls contacted me for a review, I jumped at the chance to get Ava one of these dolls. This is what they had to say about the idea behind Our Generation Dolls:

Our generation dolls are all about this generation of girls. It has accessory packs from fashion to sport, swimming, sick days, travel, spa days and yoga outfits that come with its own yoga mat and so much more. There are diners, caravans, tents, and horses with stables. We have dolls that can extend their hair and dolls that come with pierced ears and jewelry accessories and dolls that come with a full A5 hard cover book with a full story of the dolls life. Again Our Generation is about the story the girls tell with their dolls. 

Our desire is to get girls between ages of 6-10 playing with dolls again whilst we are in an era of them giving them up at 4/5 years old for the ipad or phone. We believe in doll play and fantasy play. With Our Generation we have created a world for girls to immerse themselves into and get lost into pure childhood and girl fun.

So Ava’s doll, Penny, arrived on Friday, she is a hair extension doll and she came with her own camping kit! To say that Ava was ecstatic is an understatement! 

Our Generation Dolls
Ava & Penny

My girls have spent a large part of this mild weathered weekend, pretend camping in our garden with Penny & Maeva!

Our Generation Dolls
Camping with Penny & Maeva

Our Generation Dolls come with a host of accessories. My girls are dead keen on the stables & horses as added accessories for their collection and imagination play.  I love that Our Generation Dolls come in a host of ethnicity’s with varying styles and a host of wide ranging accessories that not only encourage imagination play but also embracing diversity. 

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You could win Abrianna for your child! Or yourself!

Our Generation Doll abrianna

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