In exactly two months, Ava-Grace will be 3 years old and as with the previous 2 years, party planning is in full swing. Initially I wanted to have her party at home this year. Now that we have a large garden with plenty of space for a jumping castle and a water slide, but Walter was not convinced and was adamant that he wanted her party at a party venue so that we wouldn’t get saddled with the big clean up afterwards.

I will admit that I was rather disappointed as I’d spent quite a lot of time online looking at party decor idea’s and got this unrealistic notion that I had become all Martha Stewarty and had planned to create all the party decor myself! But after Walter’s demand for a party venue, I realized that I’ve never been very good at “getting crafty”, those two words do not sit well with me and actually make me feel rather uncomfortable so no doubt the move to a party venue is probably the best one.

But I did come across some great party decor idea’s and it would be a waste not to share them with you because they are just too gorgeous!

Sweets in glass 2


Passion Fruit 2


While searching for party decor idea’s, I came across A Glass Inspiration: A Consol Creation. Which is a digital magazine literally filled with the most beautiful glass idea’s, from home decor to party & wedding planning, A Glass Inspiration is simply a feast for the eyes and gave me so many great idea’s!
Glass Inspirations

After reading the online publication, I went in search of Consol Glass’s Face Book page which is filled with such beautiful idea’s that it has got me once again believing that somewhere inside of me lurks my own version of Martha Stewart and I can’t wait to try out some of these idea’s.

There is also a Glass Inspiration: Arts & Crafts publication too with so many great idea’s that you’ll all be left believing that you’re Martha Steward too.



Don’t believe me?

Check out the online publications, come back here and tell me which image/idea you’d like to try and you could be the lucky winner of a R500 Consol Glass Hamper!

The winner will be drawn using on Friday, 19th October. For additional entries, share on Twitter adding @SharonVW or on Face Book via The Blessed  Barrenness’s Face Book page. 








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