If you’ve been following for any period of time, you will know that in January of 2014, I tipped the scales at 118kg’s. I was grossly overweight, sick and very very unhealthy and that was where my Banting journey began. 

The end 1The End

I’ve managed to sustain the banting lifestyle and my weight for almost 3 years now and my weight loss story has been featured in a number of print and online publications. As a result, I get a lot of emails, messages and requests for help, for tips on how I did it and when I tell people how I did it, the number one thing they respond with is:

But I can’t give up sugar/carbs!

Well here’s the deal! You can actually! If I can, you can. Let me tell you what I learned about sugar on my journey!

Sugar is highly highly addictive!

It is my heroine! I am still a sugar addict. I don’t crave it anymore like I used to, but one taste of it and I’m a goner. If I taste sugar, my craving and desire for more is instant! Just the other day, I ate a small block of chocolate and without me even realizing it and before I could even stop it, I’d shoveled an entire slab of chocolate down my throat. 

Now most people would say that that’s because once a fat person always a fat person. But that is not what I learned, that is not my truth. It’s not because I’m still a fat person on the inside. It’s because I am a sugar addict and just like a heroine addict, one hit and I’m a goner! 

Sugar is addictive!

It tastes good, so good going in and makes me feel so good in that moment, just like a heroine addict on a high, but it feels so bad coming down from it.  It immediately makes me feel sick, I get hot (this is because I am insulin resistant and the sugar causes a rush of insulin) and it upsets my stomach. 

Here are my tips for quitting sugar:

  • Cut it out immediately! You can do it. Just stop eating it! Stop adding it to your tea and coffee and really work at minimizing sugar alternatives, while they don’t have the same impact on your weight, they do impact on your cravings for sweet things. Yes your coffee may taste horrible for a couple of days, but guess what? You get used to it, now the taste of coffee with even a hint of sugar in it makes me want to throw up.
  • It will only take about 2 weeks for you to break the addiction. After that, you won’t even understand why you loved it so much in the beginning.
  • Those first few weeks can be tough and you will have cravings so be sure to plan and keep healthy snacks available for when a craving hits. Healthy snacks include nuts, biltong, cheese, salami sticks and berries
  • Read your labels – try to cut out all processed foods, they invariably contain sugar of some sort, cleverly disguised under a pseudonym.
  • Avoid the isle in the supermarket that contain all the sugary foods. Just don’t go there, you won’t be tempted if you can’t see it.
  • If you fall off the wagon, don’t beat yourself up, it happens. Just get right back on again. A failure is only a failure if you continue to repeat the failure behavior! 
  • Know that health foods are often cleverly labelled to disguise sugar – low fat (sugar shit storm), any ingredient listed that ends with an “ose” is usually a cleverly pseudonym for sugar

Lastly, I’d say, from my own experience, just stop making excuses. Stop saying you can’t do it, because you can! 

Good luck and happy detoxing!