Some of you may or may not know this useless bit of information about me, but I am a trained and qualified skin care therapist with about 10 years working experience within the beauty industry. This means that I make a SUPER difficult client because I come from old school cosmetology training, we didn’t study in modules, it was a dedicated 2 – 3 year course, complete with in-depth anatomy and physiology studies, oral board exams, and internationally recognized qualifications. So I make a very difficult client today because you can’t bullshit me, with this in mind, I headed off to the DR. GOBAC® Skin Body Apothecary on Monday for a facial. 

About Dr Gobac

Dr Gobac is a Croation born Doctor, living in South Africa,  with a love for histology, which is the study of microscopic structures of tissues. When I heard this, I was already tingly and excited about the treatment because I’ve already tried and loved a couple of the products from the range.

The DR. GOBAC® COSMECEUTICALS range of products is created to be simple, easy to use, eco and health – friendly, and is one of the most modern and effective ranges available.

The range is based on DR. GOBAC’s own experience as a medical doctor and practitioner of integrated health. After many years of intense scientific research, DR. GOBAC and his team of chemists and scientists have developed this advanced and high effective skin care range.

DR. GOBAC® COSMECEUTICALS products are non-invasive, non-aggressive and offer a healthy approach to combating signs of aging by stimulating and facilitating the skin’s natural healing process.

The range of products is unique in the way that it has combined a wealth of natural ingredients and botanical (plant) extracts from all over the world with the most up-to-date and technologically advanced concepts of modern science.

Each product is developed to affect certain functions in the skin:

to promote healing
to repair skin architecture
to prevent aging
All active ingredients are carefully selected and combined to give the maximum claimed effect in the shortest and healthiest possible time.

I was first introduced to the range when I got to try out the DR. GOBAC EXFOLIATING MASQUE being a skin care therapist at heart, all the talk of papain enzymes got me all excited and I have loved this product and used it regularly since. 

Then a couple of months ago, I got sent the DR. GOBAC® CLEANSER and I love it. The range is so well priced and simple to use. Working on a cellular level to repair the skin. Additionally, both the cleanser and wash contain ingredients like witch hazel, which means that a toner is unnecessary. 

The Facial

I was greeted by Elzanne on arrival and taken through to the treatment room, the facial started off with a double cleanse, using the Wash and Cleanser, to not only get rid of unwanted dirt and residue on the skin, it is also anti-inflammatory,anti-bacterial and moisturizing the skin, by not breaking down the PH balance in the skin.

This was followed by a detailed skin analysis where Elzanne very kindly told me that actually, my skin was pretty damn good for a 46-year-old. I do have some sun damage and pigmentation on my neck and decolletage, but that my collagen loss and elasticity along with my lines and wrinkles were not especially deep for what they’d expect to see in someone of my age. YAY! 

After the analysis, I had an exfoliation with an ENZYMATIC EXFOLIANT MASK with papain enzymes and clay mask powder, together with steam to remove the dead skin cells which are also formulated according to the PH
of the skin to not disturb the acid mantle. This ensures that the treatment works on new skin cells for optimal
results. The exfoliation also helps prepare the skin for the treatment gels. 

At this point, Elzanne started with extractions and I was super impressed. Instead of hauling out two pieces torn up tissue, she used a comedo extractor, so no bruising of the skin and using this tool, she’s able to ensure that the blackheads are extracted completely, I have since gone and scratched through my old beauty kit and found my own comedo remover to put to good use at home again.

The next step is our DR GOBAC TREATMENT GEL, which is full of peptides, bio-boosters and active ingredients to plump up the skin, nourish and feed the cells, leaving the skin more hydrated and firmer. 

This part of the facial preparation will stimulate the Dermodynamic skin to heal from the inside out, by stimulating the basal membrane of the skin to produce collagen and elastin and will also be applied with a lifting massage.
The Dermointelligence is then stimulated again with DR GOBAC VITAMIN A SERUM which is supporting the Bio-boosters being transported into the skin by liposome technology to stimulate the fibroblasts in the skin.
Following is our DR GOBAC BIORESTORE that has a high level of activity for reversing signs of aging rejuvenation is achieved through effective skin repair, promoting healing and preventing aging with a non-invasive and non-aggressive method. BIORESTORE is applied to the skin to diminishing deep wrinkles, expression lines and dark circles for uplifting facial. Elzanne told me her clients call this the botox result, the treatment gel really did plump up my skin and the results can last as long as 28 days, depending on how long the dermis metabolized the product.

The facial preparation is finalized with DR GOBAC DAY BALANCE CREAM, which gives you a moisturizing feeling whilst working towards a younger looking skin. The non-toxic DR GOBAC FACIAL SUNSCREEN SPF 25 will provide protection against the full spectrum of UVB and UVA and will not leave you with a white residue on the skin.

The Results

I loved the treatment and I am totally sold on the range. I love that it is cruelty-free and noninvasive, well priced while being eco-friendly too. My skin was very dewey after the treatment and it I can definitely see an improvement in the fine lines and wrinkles, my skin looks plumper without any invasive needles or machines on my face, purely by using a product range that penetrates the epidermis and works in the dermis of the skin to bring about healing and restoration.

In simple terms, the treatment was fabulous and I would highly recommend it. I have really loved the products I have I have tried and I’m looking forward to adding to my range of home use products. 

If you’re in Jozi, you can book a treatment at the DR. GOBAC Skin Body Apothecary

Or contact them to get the list of approved salons offering their range of treatments and retailing their products. 

Disclaimer, I was gifted a facial in exchange or this review.