I had my monthly facial at Sorbet Fourways a couple of weeks ago, but this was my first facial with eyelash extensions so I couldn’t have any steaming on my face because it has a negative effect on the glue used with the extensions so instead, Koki (who has the hands of a magician, trust me on this) did a Dermalogica Customized Sonic Facial and it was quite possibly the best facial I’ve ever had. 

There were two things that made this facial stand out for me, aside from Koki’s magic hands and gentle, caring nature…. The BT Micro and the Sorbet Salon Skin Rejuvinator. And my skin looked AMAZING when it was over and done!


The BT-Micro™ 

The bt-micro™ is the latest rage in hand held professional technology and combines ultrasonic peeling with microcurrent product penetration capabilities. bt-micro™ ultrasonic exfoliation works with high speed  oscillations of the flat metal peeling probe and bT-Ceuticals™ water based CLEANSE or EXFOLIATE, which creates a cavitation-like effect, greatly enhancing the natural exfoliation process of the stratum corneum. The bt-micro™ is applied to the skin in upward, peeling motions. The exfoliation process with the bt-micro™ should take no more than 4-6 minutes. The results are amazingly clear and smooth skin that is ready to accept strategic topical energy! 

bt-GEAR_micro_mainIt literally felt like my face was a potato and the BT-Micro™ was a potato peeler that painlessly peeled away the surface layer of dead and dull skin cells. So much gentler than usual exfoliating products and with what I felt was a far better result too.

BT-Micro™ also has 5 different modes:

  1. Peeling: Ultrasonic action only for use as exfoliator and then you wouldn’t do extraction in same session
  2. Massage: Ultrasonic combined with Microcurrent 
  3. + Ionization: Ultrasonic combined with Microcurrent used with serums to enhance penetration and polarity (+ or -) used based on product polarity e.g. the gel (colloidal masqaue) used on your skin was negative therefore Koke used the positive polarity to enhance the penetration.
  4. Ionization: Ultrasonic combined with Microcurrent – as above but opposite
  5. Clearing:  ultrasonic action with micro current  for use on break outs


6006323487249_Marketing_AngleA15degree_1000_1000_80_intThe second part of my facial included the use of the Sorbet Salon Skin Rejuvinator and I could tell right away that it was doing something, with my experience and training as a therapist, I have learned that when facial machines are used on the face, particularly if you have fillings in your mouth, you will “taste” the treatment too, you’ll get a metallic taste in your mouth and I definitley experienced this with the Sorbet Salon Skin Rejuvinator. I also noticed that while it was being used on the cool setting, it altered the temperature inside my mouth and I could feel the coolness moving around my throat depending on which side of my face the device was being used. This device is also available at Clicks for R299

Sorbet skincare professionals know the harsh effects that a change in season can have on your skin. With Sorbet salon skin hot & cool skin rejuvenator, restore your skin to its natural complexion, all year through.
Four functions:
Hot, cool, hot with sonic vibration massage and cool with sonic vibration massage.
Hot massage 42 degrees C: enhances blood circulation and the absorption of skincare products.
Cool massage 6 degrees C: helps to tighten skin, close pores and decrease fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother looking skin.
The uniquely shaped massage head moves to the contours of the face. Use the narrow end around eye area on cool setting to help reduce puffiness and dark circles.
Auto-timing system: 2.5 minutes for each setting.

 Koki used the cold setting on me, which also helps with collagen production and felt amazing, cooling and refreshing on my skin, along with Dermalogica Serum’s, while wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket and lying in the dimly lit, tranquil therapy room. 

As supportive homecare post facial, I’ve also been using the Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Serum and Overnight Repair Serum and these have done wonders in prolonging the effects of this amazing facial. 

Dermalogica Serum

You can book your Dermalogica Customized Facial including BT Gear with Sorbet Fourways by calling them on 011 465 7399

The facial is 75 minutes and R650 but well worth it for that hour plus of relaxation and pampering, not to mention how amazing your skin will look afterwards.