I had fairly high expectations of this book because I absolutely loved Girl On The Train. But then I started reading all the reviews on Paula Hawkins highly anticipated second novel, Into The Water and they are very mixed. It was clear it was going to be a book I either loved or gave up on.

I’m still trying to sort through my thoughts….

Actually, far from it, I loved the book, it hooked me from the get go. I was prepared for all the POV’s in the book, so I paid careful attention to whose POV I was reading with each chapter. I enjoyed how dark, dirty, gritty and frankly, a little scary all of the characters were in this book….

In the last days before her death, Nel called her sister. Jules didn’t pick up the phone, ignoring her plea for help.

Now Nel is dead. They say she jumped. And Jules has been dragged back to the one place she hoped she had escaped for good, to care for the teenage girl her sister left behind.

But Jules is afraid. So afraid. Of her long-buried memories, of the old Mill House, of knowing that Nel would never have jumped.

And most of all she’s afraid of the water, and the place they call the Drowning Pool . . .

What I loved about the book….

I loved the different POV’s. I know some readers found it confusing, but I found it fascinating, how all of their stories were linked. How dark and gritty every single character was. I was completely intrigued and enjoyed the unfolding of the story from the very first page.

What I didn’t like about the book….

This book would have been a solid 5 star read for me if it weren’t for the ending, which felt abrupt. There were too many loose ends that weren’t tied up nicely for me at the end. I felt like we, the readers, were left dangling, with parts of the story unfinished. 

Solid 3.5 star read for me.

I didn’t hate the book, but I didn’t love it either. The big plot twist just didn’t really seem to be there, there were no huge surprises and I was disappointed with the end.

Have you read the book? What did you think?