I recently had the absolute pleasure of being pampered in the most professional way at Beauty Professionals. As an internationally accredited beauty therapist, I am a tough client to please but I was blown away by the level of professionalism and high standards at Beauty Professionals.

About Beauty Professionals

Beauty Professionals has been around for more than 30 years and is owned and run by Colleen, who I just automatically connected with. Colleen is an old school therapist like myself, with more than 40 years’ experience in the industry, she runs a tight ship, ensuring that her staff are rigorously trained to the highest international standards and that every hygiene and sterilization process is followed to a T, there is not a single shortcut to be found in this salon. Every treatment (and I had a few) was expertly, professionally and perfectly executed. In addition, Beauty Professionals was voted the top Anesi salon 8 years in a row and are one of the top-ranked Babor salons in the country. In a completely unregulated industry, where anyone can own a salon, irrespective of their knowledge or training, the professionals at Beauty Professionals are 100% dependable and trustworthy!

My Experience

My afternoon at Beauty Professionals started with a totally decadent 90 minute full body massage, that left me feeling all kinds of dreamy and floaty. From there, I was ushered into the facial room for my facial and pedi. I absolutely loved the facial chair provided, a proper facial bed that can be manipulated in such a way that you’re not lying flat on a hard therapy bed, but rather comfortably wrapped in the chair, add the pedi pillow, which elevated my legs for my pedicure and reflexology, and I was quite ready to drift off.

About My Facial

I absolutely love that at Beauty Professionals, your facial is always customized, based on what is found when performing the skin analysis. Because I have avoided facials for so long, due to my inherent distrust of facial therapists, I was in desperate need of a deep cleanse, to really clean out my pores, that hadn’t had a good extractions session in YEARS! The essential thing to do when doing a deep cleanse is to prepare the skin correctly. After choosing the correct cleanser and mechanical exfoliator Colleen used an enzymatic peel mixed with the “Comedone Softener” that makes extraction very easy and prevents scarring.

Now guys, I absolutely LOVE extractions, when they’re done correctly, you know you’ve had a good skin cleanout. After the extractions, my skin was disinfected and high-frequency machine was used to kill all forms of bacteria, redistribute the circulation, reduce inflammation and reduce the size of the pores that had just been emptied.

In addition, Colleen also did a brow and lash tint on me, because the tips of my lashes are very blonde. I was hesitant to allow her to do the tint because traditionally, I haven’t found that brow tints last very long and the lash tint often burns my eyes and the skin around my eyes. Beauty Professionals use an imported German tint that does not burn at all. And amazingly, two weeks after my tint, both my eyelashes and eyebrows are still showing the tint.

Then came all the specialized treatments….

Look at all those ampoules filled with liquid gold!


I had multiple specialized treatments done, including a “Deep Moist Treatment” which is a specific combination of short, medium and long-chain Hyaluronic Acid. This moisturizes on all the levels of the skin and every type of treatment after this works much more efficiently.

Now that my skin had been properly prepared, I had a tightening and firming ampoule treatment that also gives improved luminosity. I also had a tightening and regenerating eye treatment and a firming neck treatment. On the remainder of my face, Colleen used a Collagen and Elastin fleece to help all the products penetrate, restore skin elasticity and repair cells.


While the treatments were on my skin, I had the most decadent hot stone shoulder and décolleté massage. After the massage a collagen and elastin treatment cream was applied to my face that left my skin looking alive and glowing, I am convinced my cheekbones even stood out more with the tightening effect. But I felt and looked pretty damn fantastic after this intense two-hour treatment.

Of course, in order to maintain the amazing effects of this facial, I would need to have a good quality facial once a month and follow it up with a quality home care regime, which I have been doing in the form of Anesi, review on that to follow.

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Disclaimer – treatments as a trade exchange for the purposes of this review.