I haven’t done a book review in a while. Mostly because I’ve really been struggling with my reading mojo of late. I’m not sure why, but I’ve really struggled to settle down with a book and just read and get lost in the stories and absorb the words. 

But then…. Riven….

South African author, Melissa Delport, who also writes under the pseudonym of Lissa Del released a new book, which I had on pre-order and which downloaded onto my Kindle on Friday morning. I started the new book, Riven on Friday morning and finished it over the weekend. OMG, how does she do that? Make me do the ugly cry!??? EVERY SINGLE TIME!

One of the most memorable  books I’ve read was Melissa Delport’s book, Rainfall, you can read my review here:

Rainfall Made Me Do The Ugly Cry – Win A Copy Here!

Melissa has recently split her writing into two categories, she is well known and well loved for her science fiction/dystopian novels but she has also written Rainfall and My Name Is Simon, both of which are contemporary novels. Now, I’m not a fan of science fiction but I loved her contemporary novels. So I was thrilled when she created the pseudonym of Lissa Del with the intention of writing more contemporary novels. The first of which, under this name is Riven.

Can a broken heart heal a fractured mind?

Sarah Holt wants nothing more than to win the Burke & Duke internship and mentor under some of the country’s top architectural minds. The only obstacle between Sarah and her goal is a jilted ex-lover hell-bent on sabotaging her career.

When Sarah meets Leo Russell, an unlikely undergraduate, the attraction is instantaneous and all her best-laid plans begin to unravel. For the first time in her life, Sarah considers the fact that there may be one thing more important to her than her ambition. As her feelings for Leo grow stronger, however, so does her suspicion that all is not as it appears with the man she is falling for.

Determined to uncover the truth, Sarah begins to investigate Leo’s murky past, only to discover a house in the suburbs and a stunningly sophisticated redhead who implores Sarah to walk away. As the line between right and wrong becomes blurred by the shocking revelation of Leo’s guarded secrets, Sarah must make a decision that will ultimately determine the rest of her life.

I was nervous for Melissa to read this book. I mean, how do you beat Rainfall? I couldn’t help feeling like it would be like reading Me Before You, being completely blown away and then so disappointed by After You. How do you live up to that? Rainfall was so memorable for me because it has such a shocking twist right in the middle of it.

Well, Riven didn’t disappoint. The story of Leo and Sarah sucked me in from the get go, and initially I was convinced I had this book pegged and that I was going to be disappointed because I thought I had the story figured out.

Melissa, you did it again! 

I was convinced this was going to be another lovely romance novel that would give me all the feels but one I’d forget about the moment I finished it. WRONG. Melissa, you ripped my heart out. I did NOT see that coming. The plot twist comes later in the book and left me clutching my chest from the pain of my heart breaking. 

You can buy Riven for your Kindle here:


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While Riven is nothing like Rainfall (and nothing every could be) it was a solid and enjoyable read that stirred my emotions and literally left me gasping when the plot twist jumped up and punched me in the face!

So, Melissa, err… I mean Lissa, when can we expect another contemporary novel from you? 

Disclaimer – I bought my own copy of the book not for the purposes of this review but because I enjoyed the story so much I wanted to share it with you!