A few months ago, I was approached by Samantha Jackson Photography to be an ambassador for her boudoir photography business. I was hesitant at first, I mean, who wants to see a fat, middle-aged woman in her underpants, as it turns out these photos are all about me and for me and it’s turning out to be the most empowering experience.

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Here is everything you need to know about booking your boudoir shoot:

How will a boudoir shoot empower me?

Sam says she believes the answer is because you are investing in yourself, stepping out of your comfort zone, and seeing yourself through somebody else’s eyes (and lens).

At the beginning of each of her photo shoots, she shows her client one of the first photos she takes from the back of her digital camera. This photo is unretouched, unedited, just straight out of the camera. Samantha say she has had reactions ranging from disbelief to thrilled shrieks, to happy tears. She says this is the first moment her clients believe in their unique beauty.

Will your photos be on the internet?

The short answer is no, not unless you’ve given Samantha permission to feature you on her client blog.

Can you hide my imperfections?

The answer is yes, in most cases during the retouching and editing process, the removal of acne, acne scarring, stretchmarks, and cellulite will be done. What Samantha won’t do is put your face on someone else’s body or take off kg’s. If there is an area you feel self-conscious about, you can discuss this with Samantha beforehand and she will guide you through various poses and adjust the lighting to ensure that your best features are emphasized.

I’m older than (or not as thin as) the girls on your website, can I still book a session?

I present ME! One of the reasons that Samantha approached me to be an ambassador and one of the reasons I chose to do this is to show other women that you don’t have to be skinny or young to be bold and beautiful. Samantha has experience shooting women as old as 74 and in all shapes and sizes.

I had my first full glamour session with Samantha and her team, including full hair and makeup and it truly was such an empowering and dare I say it… FUN experience!

Every woman needs and deserves to have this incredible experience!

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